Live in the present moment wisely and earnestly

On my pathway to become a full-fledged teacher :)

On my pathway to become a full-fledged teacher :

1) Unexpected Reaction

I actually did not expect leaving the current school that I’ve been attached to for the past 1.5 year would get me feeling … something like ppb (post production blue).

It is queer to me as I’ve anticipated the day and in fact I long for the day to come.

Even more queer, just 2 more days before leaving and I’ve falling ill. Still, due to a pre-arranged Teachers-Parent-&-Counsellor meeting, I rushed back to school just to be in the meeting to do my part. Well, I think the meeting went well. I learn something about myself and learn something from Kwok laoshi and Counsellor Theng.

What surprised me was seeing and hearing the kids greeting me got me feeling … very strange. I have to leave. I had done what I think I wanted to set out to do. Of course, I could have done better, but that was the half-year time given, I have no regrets to push through what I could. Yet, I felt kind of uneasy meeting the lovely kids and those “naughty” ones.

On my pathway to become a full-fledged teacher :

2) Inspired by Training to be a Teacher

Needing some inspriration and guidance, and as usual I typed in key words “be true teacher” in Yahoo Search, I came to this Mama Kelly’s (?) blog. Straightaway, I decided not to put off starting a blog which has been brewing in my mind for a month.

Me too : )  , I’ll be training to be a Teacher!

I welcome the coming days of learning, of advancing and perhaps of significant evolving : )  .

Dearest Lord, I pray, I will live to my potential, I will act and perform to the world’s expectations and my dwelling thoughts in a cohesive, positive and efficient fruitful ways!

(:O How to include the calendar like teachertalk blog has? This is something I will find out along the way!)


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  1. * The 2 Witches says:

    Hi welcome to the land of blogging and to training to be a teacher.

    You can add a calendar to you blog by

    go to your dashboard
    click on presentation
    click on widgets
    drag and drop the box labeled calendar into the area for your sidebar

    Mama Kelly

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 11 months ago

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