Live in the present moment wisely and earnestly

Before Setting Off This Special Morning 25th July 2007

This morning, a special morning, that I am offically going to NIE (National Institute of Education) to start my acquisition as a professioally recognised teacher in Singapore’s system. There will be a week of Orientation which I take full advantage to get mentally, physically, heart-mind-body prepared, call up the Will and prepare an environment that serves me to complete targets after targets coming my way.

Many of these targets will be drawn up for me, which I should question less, but to complete prompt. And along the way, I think I have my own targets or purposes which I should be clarifying and making certainty. Most of all, I guess finding the “blend”, finding the fitting area of the big system’s requirement and mine blend well without interferring conflict. My heart feels it can be done though I am not clear of the way now.

Perhaps, I am starting the habit to view the world for inspiration before setting off in action, I went into the net early into the morning before leaving the house. Out comes “What Matters to Me” from It gets me reflecting. Carolyn & Company requested to state in 25 words. This is something I want and feel that I should do.

Knowing myself the tendency of managing time at the edge, I shall scribble down thoughts at my “lengthy” travel from home to NIE.

Foremost, I shall practice starting the day FEELING RIGHT, FEELING GOOD. I can make the choice and learn to master this move : )


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