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Response from Mama Kelly – Wow :O

28 July 2008 (Saturday)

Wow! I got an “awaiting moderation” – What’s this??!!

Mama Kelly has written to me?! She read my immatured, developing blog – Wow again! And she advised me how to add the calendar thingy! How thoughtful of her!

Now, a few things to figure out and to know this cyber world better:

1) Moderation – I guess this is something that awaits me to approve to put it up on the blog. I wonder where will it appear? As comment to the post?

2) Learning the steps to put up the calendar – for me, it will be a significant step in learning about the cyber blog technology!

3) Went to *Gosh!* A lot to digest for me.

4) Also, about “categorising”, something I’ve been noticing for a while and will definitely get down to organising the blog posts at a later time. What this is done – haha, another little milestone to cheer “Yippy!”

5) Oh, there’s no auto time stated on my post? So, in future, I will manual time-stamp on each post, starting with this!

I am pretty sure for veteran bloggers, my tiny excited discoveries are such seasoned expectedness or routined activities. For me, my eyes glow at every new little thing appears, my hand gestured “Yes!” when I learn something new and “conquer” how to manoeuver each little tool. 😀 Haha I guess I will enjoy this journey of “greenness” right now and get easily “happy”.


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