Live in the present moment wisely and earnestly

2010 Officially a Beginning Teacher for a year

When I started the blog (and then stopped for a long time), I was entering the institute of education, NIE, to be trained as a Chinese teacher for the public schools.

Officially posted to a school just mid last year, and I was not sure whether it was a good thing and not so good that I was given not even half the official load that most teachers would get – had a small class of 12 (where most teachers have 30 to 40 in a class), and was only assisting in the second class, minimal role in other committee work etc, though, CCA (extra curriculum activities and I am assigned Green Club assisting my Chinese Head of Department, the founder of the club) took up a lot of time.

This year, for the past 6 months, I am finanlly given more or less full load – 3 classes: a P3 of 32 kids, a P4 of 30 kids (many lazy little “pigs”) and the stubborn, weak-willed, but in serious “life & death” phase graduating P6 of 28. Having insufficient teachers in the department, I am given the role P4 Level Head on the first day of school this year by surprise, not to mention the other expectations, especially I find getting the adminstrative paperwork requirement is the toughtest part so far!!!

I am BACK – wanting to reflect my learning as a teacher and record the inspiration I get.

First, I chance upon this blogsite: INSPIRING TEACHERS, by veteran teacher and author, Emma McDonald. Let me get back to the track of exploring TRUE (what does it mean? I am discovering, especially in this result oriented fast-paced school life) teaching, after the past 6 months of experiencing school’s expected targets, academic driven … rushing, rushing, rushing syllabus.

I feel split, I feel drained, I feel like many moments that I am not doing things that may truly help the kids.

Always Advancing – this is the spirit I hope to hold always. And now, to learn the balancing work of how to help the kids while being a Pro-teacher in the eyes of the system. Can I make it?


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