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WOW, I’ve been having the issue of keeping the CCA/Green Club storeroom tidy. We (the kids, HOD and I) have done at least 2 major spring cleaning and several clean-ups, but we always enter finding the place a mess. I guess with recycled projects, this does not quite help. Getting the kids to take ownership to clean, maintain, do stuff and finish to the end is not easy. They get in the mood to do stuff and then leave with follow-ups that, honestly, make me feel like their maid!

Despite I’ve tried prevention measure, inform, instruct and remind, still … sigh. Though one encouragement, the extent and frequency have reduced. I should give a pat on my own shoulder.

The article has given me idea to use it, and perhaps cleaning can be more fun and the maintenance longer term lasting?

Next, when time and energy allow, work on reward system to maintain a tidy organised storeroom?

Most of all, I think big signs of types of things will help!

Cool ideas for tidy kid’s rooms

Kid’s clutter spreads like no other household mess, but you can create order from the colourful chaos with sturdy storage containers and some clever strategies to make packing up seem like part of playtime.

Sort it out

Sorting can be fun and it’s an important skill for kids to learn in life. Even better, it’s ideal to practice on bedrooms strewn with post-play debris. Start with separate containers for different categories such as soft toys, cars, dolls, blocks, games, puzzles and hobbies. Help your kids create labels for each one using words, pictures or both so it’s always clear what needs to go where. Otherwise, if a something else makes more sense to your child, try sorting by colour or size for a change.

Throw it around

You can also make a game of tossing soft or unbreakable toys like blocks into soft Tub Trugs or into big storage bins to build their co-ordination skills. Easi Store Plastic Boxes come with wheels, for even more fun. Pull the bin to the centre of the room for a fun attack on all that mess. Then slide them away – to the corner or even under the bed. If your child is competitive, they’ll enjoy scoring hits, goals or baskets, and the floor will be pristine clear in no time. As their aim improves push back the bins to make things a little more challenging – but never so hard that they can’t shoot the winning points.

Speed it up

For a super-fast clean-up, team up with your kids and take a speed-cleaning challenge. Using a kitchen timer, guess how long the tidying will take, set the clock and go! Each time you can aim to beat your previous record. This is a great way to keep disinterested kids involved while helping to develop an understanding of time.

Keep it hidden

How would you like to halve your toy mess in minutes? And no you don’t require Bewitching nose-twitching powers to make it happen. All you need to do is rotate the toys your child plays with by packing a bunch of them out of sight for a few months. Here’s an old trick to preserve parent’s sanity at bedroom clean-up time for generations. Why not use storage boxes like Underbed Boxes or Easi Store Boxes when there’s an overflow of exciting new toys and treasures to explore. Just pack away the old favourites for another time and reintroduce them when interest in the newer toys appears to be waning. Then simply repeat as needed.

Stick to it

Sticker charts can also be a fun and effective way to reward your children while they are still young. Make a poster that shows each child’s name and the days of the week. Then let the kids choose a sticker that represents trouble-free clean-up days. Every day they clean up their room, let them add the sticker to the poster. At the end of the week or the month you can reward them with a full card of fun stickers to play with. When they get a bit older, you might need to consider some other treat.


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