Live in the present moment wisely and earnestly

Start with something NEW.

I got some new clothes, some I wouldn’t thought of (the rather colourful printed scartoons. I was “inspired by the Primary 1s that I am teaching this year 🙂 and thought why not try something new, with the intention to cheer these young minds up, and perhaps inspire them to pretty colourful drawings. Let them be a little more surrounded by cheerful colours and drawings : ) ), and some, I feel, I have been thinking of (though the cutting of these clothes is not perfect) were at a pretty good buy (considering good price), AND MOST OF ALL, hopefully my conclusive deduction that the materials are pretty cooling enough.

Think the way to complete the look is SKIRT. Strange, I did not think about jeans (May be it is the feel that the t-shirt is not long enough. It ends just at the waist). The skirt colour perhaps should be brown based OR the light maroon red like the one of the owl’s beak 🙂

Off my mind is this may be nice with white 3-quarter pants?! This should go well with long jeans hmmmm … Perhaps, 3-quarter jeans is fine too, just that I am not sure about the sleeves as these are not full sleeves, so it may need longer pants for perspective?!

The buying of this kind of t-shirts all started with these two. The white with what I feel like purple raindrops cartoon should go well with white long pants or skirt, and the greyish rainbow with cartoon girl in dreamy dance should go with long jeans. I like to adjust the sides hmmmmm let’s see when can get this adjustment sewing done?

I am looking forward to this little elastic cotton dress. Wish it was longer, guess this means conscious exercising to have longer looking legs haha. Need to get the right coloured long socks or stocking to go with it.

Glad I found 2 zipper blouse/sleeveless coats. If come across the right short-sleeved t-shirts, I should consider getting to go along with them. 2 more flared sleeveless top-blouse may need the with right black t-shirts too, even though I have found a free-size elastic base top, but it is fully nylon, so I may like to have something more suitable for this tropical sweaty climate. : ) Let’s see when I’ll take photos of these.

PANTs – yes, will want to tailor make some with more pockets pants :), let’s see, after the Chinese New Year festive … and this means need to source for the right material too …


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