Live in the present moment wisely and earnestly



It is 2012 1st day of the Lunar Dragon Year : )

Time flies ?! But what is time? This linear time passing concept?

At this moment, I actually feel time is not that crucial, unless we made good use of it to get some learning OR creation done hmmmmm

Few years ago, when I first started this 1st blog “always advancing”, I have strong intention of constantly improving oneself, and particularly as a teacher to the younger minds. Now, there’s a slight difference: I feel I need to be more than advancing for the younger minds, I need to advance spiritually, internally, so much as intellect and wisdom are some part of this advancement. I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO TRANSFORMATION – the change, the channeling of my energy and being, the discard of negativity and absorption of postive energy that is, as it is, for reaching the HIGHEST SELF.

Strange. As this seems to mean I need to focus more on myself, which means less on outside myself. ( A message reminded by ruddy Roberto : ) )

TODAY, guess the important task is to CLEANSE in every sense. Not fully know how, OR it is due to hard to let go of old ways of habit and thoughts. I’ll persevere, making every step forward till I MOVE FORWARD POSITIVELY quite entirely. Perhaps, with the help of this blog: write, reflect, recollect memories and move on : ), and perhaps do so with a touch of creativity 🙂  ?




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