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What do I love

I love finding lovely pictures … like this one that Wai Hong just shared with us – just seeing the sculpture, even not knowing where it is located, it triggers exhilaration!


I love seeing kids smiling, happy ( in the right mannered as in like yesterday when I saw my 2.5, I think having PE – they were focusing boucing their basketballs each on the spot of the big parade square – so much focus, and healthy fun and joy. And this P2 kid, I feel did not really waste his time, when he made a kiddish comment while waiting for his friends along the corridor and later mimic an “Ah Long” walking, making his 2 friends walking behind him giggling away. He did not disturb anyone  nor wasting time while having and expressing fun, enjoying life).

My dear Jia Hao, while he asked questions and expressed his truthest confusion does exasperate me, because I am no longer sure how to explain to him when his own class already understood my explanation meant for him, and he was still lost, STILL I love to see the innocence in him and I KNOW he did not mean to be lost. Oh dear boy. And I still remember his uniqueness, when the whole class is given a choice of how they wanted sit or lie down to do a little bit of imagination exercise – HE CHOSE TO LIE FLAT on to the whole row of desks!!! There are other disgusting little childish acts like learning from friend, Zhong Xian, playing with saliva, and quite into their own world, I speak and think of them with exasperated fondness, wishing they can retain their individuality, innocence, imagination while adjusting to the school/class pace expectation at ease.

What do I love …

This morning’s simple fried mee hoon with LOTS of THINLY SHREDDED CARROT STRIPS is fantastic!!! Thanks Pa. I wish I am able to openly tell him, perhaps, not in the way I imagine I could, but still in the subtle asian way.

I love waking up to day feeling quite peaceful

There are many lovely things I love … 🙂

More pictures that I love …

 Judy Satori    




Pictures? I must say I LOVE ANGELS and I love the POSITIVE ENERGIES 😀


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