Live in the present moment wisely and earnestly

Daskalos & The
Researchers Of Truth
October 30, 2005
Virtual Circle Lesson
Absolute Infinite Beingness, God. Everlasting Life, Love and Mercy.
Manifesting Yourself in Yourself as Your Total Wisdom and Your Almightiness.
enlighten our minds to understand You as the Truth.
Clean our hearts to reflect Your Love towards You and towards all other human beings.


It is not possible for anyone using words from any language, to adequately describe who and what Daskalos really is. Nor is it possible for anyone to completely describe the teachings of the Researchers of Truth that poured through Daskalos like a mighty river. However, it is quite possible for anyone to love and respect Daskalos the mystic-healer whose potent works spanned seven decades. His was a life of healing and teaching that publicly began in 1919 on the island of Cyprus at the far eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea – just off the coast of Syria. At this time, Cyprus was primarily populated by Greek-Christians and Turkish-Muslims. Cyprus had also just formally been annexed from the Turkish by the British after more than three centuries of Turkish Muslim control. But it would be 41 years more before Cyprus would gain its independence from the British.

In 1919 the young Daskalos, was already able to Self-Consciously travel to the worlds of the higher dimensions. At seven, he could speak the languages of his past lives and consciously communicated with “great intelligences” that guided him from the worlds beyond. His parents knew this and believed in his abilities but warned him not to reveal these things to other people. From the beginning of this incarnation Daskalos knew who he was and the purpose of his life on Earth. What he did not know at the beginning was that all the people around him were not like him. He thought everyone could communicate with these higher intelligences whom he called brother guides; but he was about to find out just how different he really was.

One day in elementary school, Daskalos’ arithmetic teacher called on him to solve a difficult math problem. Unfortunately, Daskalos was not at all prepared and admitted to the teacher that he had not studied this assignment. The teacher insisted that he come to the front of the class and try to solve the problem on the blackboard anyway.

Daskalos approached the black board with no idea how to solve the multiplication problem. The teacher read the problem out loud and Daskalos wrote it on the blackboard. Then as Daskalos would later describe: “I felt near me one of my bother guides and friends, a Dominican monk who I knew centuries and centuries ago. He told me: ‘Give me your hand, we shall solve the problem.’”

Daskalos took the chalk, placed it on the blackboard and his disincarnated guide, took control of his hand and solved the problem.

The surprised mathematics teacher asked him: “Why did you tell me you did not study?”

Daskalos innocently replied, “Sir, it was not me who solved the problem”.

The teacher asked incredulously, “Then who was it?”

“It was Father Dominico, the Dominican monk who is standing near me. He got my hand and solved the problem”, Daskalos declared simply.

The teacher got angry saying, “I do not see anyone, and do you think you are teasing me now?”

The teacher marched Daskalos to the office of the director of the elementary school, told him what had happened and left Daskalos in the director’s office. Fortunately, as it turned out, the director was practicing spiritualism in secret. At that time studying spiritualism was prohibited by narrow minded churchmen of Cyprus. When the director saw Daskalos’ writing on the blackboard he did not think it looked like the handwriting of a seven year old and considered Daskalos’ explanation more seriously. On the following Wednesday there was no school in the afternoon and the director arranged with Daskalos’ father for Daskalos to come to his office. That day Daskalos came to the director’s office and found a large, plump man; a schoolmaster of mathematics, and a schoolmaster teaching Latin waiting for him. They wanted to know more about this little seven year old sage and his invisible helper. They planned to test the authenticity of Daskalos and Father Dominico for themselves. First, they tested him on arithmetic problems beyond his level of study. Then they gave him algebra problems to solve, then square roots and logarithms. Each time, Father Dominico guided Daskalos’ hand and unerringly solved the difficult problems.

Next, they wanted Daskalos to translate some lines from the works of Ovid (43 BC – 17 AD), the Roman poet, whose narrative and linguistic skills are unmatched. The Latin schoolmaster wanted to read the lines in Latin and asked Daskalos to write them down in the Greek language.

“Yes, of course, but in which language do you want it written in – the common spoken Greek or the formal ‘pure’ Greek?” was Daskalos’ reply.

The schoolmasters were looking at each other in disbelief. They told him, “Give it to us in both”.

Then Daskalos with the guidance of Father Dominico complied and translated two pages of Latin. The astonished schoolmasters challenged him further asking him to translate from a Latin Bible as the Latin teacher read it out loud. Daskalos complied and even corrected a mistake made by the reader whose Latin pronunciation was not so good. Then Daskalos in full attunement with Father Dominico began reading the Latin Gospel himself pronouncing the Latin perfectly.

Upon hearing this, the Latin professor became so excited he came and embraced Daskalos giving him a big kiss. Like most seven year old boys, Daskalos did not like this display of affection and instantly rubbed the kiss off.

Now, it would be a great mistake to think that Daskalos was “channeling” a higher entity called Father Dominico. Daskalos did not channel. Nor did he approve of anyone opening themselves up to unknown entities and unverified energies as a medium, and allowing them to express themselves through the personality. That can be very dangerous and misleading. Instead, Daskalos by means of attunement and at-one-ment, was able to coordinate himself with his old friend and guide. As soon as Daskalos was fully coordinated, whatever Father Dominico was doing with Daskalos’ hand or communicating to him, that knowledge immediately became Daskalos’ own knowledge too. Think of at-one-ment between two beings as something similar to bringing two candle flames together. When the two individual candle flames come together, the light gets brighter and the two flames appear as one. Pull the candle flames back apart and we see two individual flames again.

Daskalos taught that by developing our latent abilities of attunement, which will lead us to at-one-ment, we could assimilate knowledge about anyone or anything directly. Furthermore, the direct knowledge gained from attunement/at-one-ment comes much, much faster than it does by conventional studies. What would take years and years of earthly learning can be accomplished in moments through at-one-ment.

The next day the elementary school director and the other school masters tested Daskalos, an accident happened. Another boy in the school was running and fell down on the gravel, which cut his knee open and he was bleeding badly. The other teachers brought the boy crying into the director’s office where Daskalos was. Father Dominico instructed Daskalos to ask for water to clean the blood and stones from the injured boy’s knee. Daskalos removed the stones and cleaned the knee, which continued to bleed profusely.

The director had already called the doctor from the local neighborhood, who happened to be the cousin of Daskalos’ mother and he knew many things about Daskalos’ abilities. He arrived at the director’s office and seeing Daskalos cleaning the wound, he told the director to allow Daskalos to continue what he was doing.

At this point, Father Dominico said to Daskalos; “Come, let’s cure him”, and instructed Daskalos to kneel and hold the boy’s knee with both his hands. “Visualize the knee alright”, caress it, see it alright and now take your hands away”, was Father Dominico’s directive. Daskalos did as he was instructed, removed his hands and there was no longer any blood or wound on the boy’s knee – it was completely cured!

When the doctor saw the wound completely healed, he mentioned his family relationship with Daskalos and declared factually: “We are accustomed to these things”.

Sensing the great opportunity presented by this mystic-child-healer, the director made arrangements with Daskalos’ father for him to come to the director’s house on Friday evenings. The next Friday Daskalos arrived at the director’s house to find a big sitting room filled with twenty-five spiritual seekers all eager to learn about this amazing boy and his invisible guides.

They asked Daskalos, whom they called by his nickname, Lakis, if they could ask Father Dominico and the other guides certain philosophical questions. Daskalos agreed.

They began asking questions and writing down the answers given by Daskalos. Then they started asking questions in different languages. Daskalos answered in the perfect pronunciation, in the same language as the question asked. The people were astonished. They were wondering how a boy of seven could answer these deep philosophical questions and how could he have learned foreign languages at such a young age.

These meetings when on for three weeks until Father Dominico and another guide, Father Yiohannan, informed Daskalos that these meetings could not continue in this way. Daskalos had been in continual, conscious contact with Yiohannan, his disincarnated mentor, for nearly 2000 years. Yiohannan advised that if the director and his students wanted to continue they must first make Seven Promises.

Yiohannan, guided Daskalos’ hand to write down the Seven Promises, which are still used by Daskalos’ students to this day – not even a comma has been changed. The Seven Promises are not oaths to any one person, organization or even God. The Seven Promises are promises the individual makes to their own Self; promising to try to live by them in thought, word and deed at all times.

On the following Friday, Daskalos announced the requirements for continuing, provided his new class with the Seven Promises and requested that each person make these promises before entering into this great work. The director read the Seven Promises aloud; the other seekers stood reciting them with their hand on their heart, and received initiation from this diminutive master. Daskalos sat in a chair with his little feet dangling above the floor, and continued teaching his well-educated audience. So began the teaching and healing work of this seven-year old master on the island of Cyprus in 1919.

Over the course of the next seventy plus years, Daskalos established 100 independent circles of study worldwide and many, many thousands of students have come into these circles and personally experienced profound spiritual awakenings and undeniable healings. So-called “incurable” diseases, such as deadly cancers, were “miraculously” cured in the presences of Daskalos. Daskalos’ extraordinary healing skills also enabled the so-called “permanently” lame and disabled to walk freely again. Daskalos not only healed physical aliments, but those whose hearts carried deep and primal emotional wounds found relief under his loving care. And those who walked in mental darkness, negativity and confusion were lead out of the shadows and back into the light by Daskalos’ wise counsel.

Daskalos’ readiness and ability to train interested seekers of truth in his advanced methods of healing and truth-seeking was remarkable. He helped countless seekers raise their consciousness to higher and higher levels. He established various study circles that revealed deeper and deeper teachings to the students as they advanced; the outer circle, inner circle, in-more circle and in-most circle. To those serious researchers who were prepared, he earnestly provided more advanced training, in such things as psychonoetic form construction, Exosomatosis [conscious out of body experience – OBE], distant healing and much more. Daskalos placed the well named, “Golden Keys” to the kingdom of the heavens in our hands -and taught us how to use them.

We could rightly say that in 1919 the seven year-old Daskalos established the beginning of the Circles for the Research of Truth and the System for the Research of Truth, which continues to this day. Today, each of Daskalos’ Researchers of Truth Circles is headed by an advanced brother or sister Researcher of Truth. Each circle is independent from the other circles, which means that the leaders and members of one circle do not interfere with the work or members of the other circles.

Each official Circle for the Research of Truth has the whole teaching; “There is enough material in the lessons and books to work for hundreds of years”, as Daskalos often said.

The teaching, the System for the Research of Truth, is complete. As students we do not need more theory, the knowledge is already there in the teachings Daskalos so diligently brought forward. What is needed however is for each student to make an honest effort to investigate the truth directly; to find the truth about who and what they are and be liberated from the suffering and illusions woven by personal egoism.

Daskalos supervised these circles and also considered himself a member of each of the circles. “No successor is needed….When I pass-over I will continue to supervise the circles”, Daskalos promised. Each one of the advanced brother or sister guides heading an official circle represents Daskalos (as a teacher) to their circle. Likewise, Daskalos represents the teachings of the higher intelligences he is in contact with.

These so-called higher intelligences were not just advanced human beings – disincarnated guides. The higher intelligences were also know as “Ben Allaha” (Sons of God) and “Ben Aur” (Sons of Light) in the Aramaic language used by Christ. In the Hebrew language they call these divine intelligences, “Elohim” (God in Multiplicity) – Gods within the True God. Some of these great intelligences express themselves as all the Archangels in all the Archangelic orders known and unknown to man. These innumerable, Spirit-Beings have never been born and will never die – they are eternal. Daskalos’ introduced us to these great intelligences and taught us how to come into conscious communication with them. They rejoice in seeing us make our long awaited approach. They welcome us and are ready to reveal their great wisdom to any sincere seekers. Their Divine intelligence is so immense compared to our human intelligence that it is like comparing the intelligence of a great scientist to that of a small child.

Obviously Daskalos was extremely advanced, as was the teachings he skillfully planted in our hearts and minds. But what is most important in the System for the Research of Truth is not the personality of Daskalos or the leader of any circle. The System for the Research of Truth is not a personality cult. Personality based groups can be very dangerous to both the leader with the charismatic personality as well as to the students who follow them. What is important in our system is the teaching, which is preserved and passed forward by the brother and sister guides for the Research of Truth.

The brother and sister guides leading the Researchers of Truth Circles are not accepting praise, adoration, or money for their work. They are not expecting or accepting any greater respect than the respect given to each and every circle member. The purpose of their work is not so much to spread the truth, but to help those who are interested understand the truth more fully.

We could also correctly say that an earlier inception of the Researchers of Truth came 2000 years ago with the three Magi after they found the Christ child in the manger as mentioned in the Bible. This holy moment when the Magi found the Christ child, has its roots in a 2500 year old prophesy. In 500 BC the Buddha had told his close disciple, Ananda: “God himself will be born five hundred years from now”. Five centuries later, the Maharaja Ram Touaivahan, a king in India aware of this prophecy, began to follow the coming incarnation of God on earth and determined the location of the birth through astrology and clairvoyance. He was so certain of the coming of this incarnation of God that the Maharaja Ram left his kingdom to his brother and mother and left India with his friend Chekitana to search for the incarnation of God foretold by the Buddha.

On their way, they passed through Armenia. Armenia at that time consisted of two kingdoms, which were at war with each other. At the heart of the conflict were the two kings Dikran, and Kaspar (Caspar) who were also brothers – twin brothers. The Maharaja Ram helped reconcile the brothers’ conflict. Caspar allowed his brother to rule both kingdoms preferring instead to go with Ram on this sacred pilgrimage.

Later on their journey, they met Baal Das Oaussar (Balthasar), an Arab astrologer and king of one of the nine nomadic Bedouin tribes. Balthasar also joined Ram and Caspar to search for the Christ child. They eventually saw the bright star of Bethlehem and found the manger where the Christ child lay.

The three kings, Ram, Caspar and Balthasar paid homage to the Christ child, Joseph and Mary. The Maharaja Ram knelt before the Christ child, removed his outer kingly purple and golden cloak and laid it at the Christ child’s feet, revealing his inner white garments. He drew his sword, pressed it over his leg breaking off the tip. He placed the un-pointed sword before the God Child and said, “At thine immaculate feet O Logos, be all authority”. He then exclaimed “Ham El Khior”, which in his language meant, “We have seen God.” From that point on Ram was called Ham El Khior (Melchior). Daskalos used a replica of this un-pointed sword to initiate students into the Researchers of Truth Circles.

In due course, the three kings founded circles dedicated to Christ and the seeking of truth. By virtue of their direct contact with Christ and later by the truths Christ revealed, they taught the mystical side of Christianity in secret. This multi-branched lineage, handed down through the ages, called by other names in the past, has been initiating sincere seekers of truth from that time forward.

However, we could travel even further back in time and rightly say that the research of the truth began the instant the first primitive human on Earth began to wonder: where am I? Who am I? What is my purpose? So the research of truth is not something exclusive to the members of the Researchers of Truth Circles. The research of truth is the real calling and underlying duty of every human being.

The teachings of the Researchers of Truth are not presenting unverified theories to be accepted blindly. These teachings are the clear reflection of the Truth, the nature of reality and the Soul of each of us. The truth contained in the lessons is to be sincerely investigated and experienced directly by each one of us. The real truth is not something we get from outside ourselves. The real truth is already in us, in our own Divine Nature. Wise, loving brother and sister guides are here to help those who are interested learn how to research and discover this truth within themselves. They will not do the work for you but they will help and guide you as you ascend the ladder of relative truth towards the absolute truth. Teachings, teachers and guides show the way, but each one of us must make the effort to walk in this way if we are to reach our aim of Self-Realization – to realize who and what we really are.



October 30, 2005


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