Live in the present moment wisely and earnestly

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Like what Budney420 (who ever you are) has reminded. Put in 6 clear steps. He wrote this on

Step by step instruction to get whatever you want.

I. Intend all things from your HEART.

II. Know that you have what you want in the present moment.

II. Be grateful for what you have at this moment, and express happiness towards it.

IV. Attach a positive emotion to what you know you have.

V. Express having this item in a joyous grateful way, even if you jump for joy in the privacy of your room.

VI. Release this intention out into the universe and await the arrival of your desires.

I am at the phase of figuring out what I want again. And just now the first thing I wrote was:

A SPARKLING CLEAN ROOM …hmm (this seems to matter a lot to me)


Haha I miss type and it looks like “Make GOD use of this life” ?! Haha =D

The 2nd and which is the BIGGER point is vague. All I know I want to get out of school – Not that I don’t want to teach, but  I feel according to the curriculum, I am not doing something IMPORTANT – it isn’t WHAT THE KIDS NEED, it is what the organisation needs. And yes, I am afraid  school rigidity and its insaneness, its expected norm in driving people IS NOT normal, will suck the energy of my life, my passion, my creativity, my true intention FOR LIFE, FOR LIVING, seek TRUTH, REACH my POTENTIAL and TRULY LOVE. These are the reasons I want to leave, but why it isn’t time yet?

If I leave, I actually do not fully know what to do yet.

SO, San, walk away,do something for brief different …


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