Live in the present moment wisely and earnestly

Acceptance – 22 July 2012

It has been a wonderful inner journey following my last posting.  Met really lovely people from all parts of the world during my retreat and still feeling the absence of like-minded souls if I may say.  Being alone by choice is quite a nice experience as it allows me to observe and reflect on my internal dialogues with self.  It also shows me that one is often judgemental of others because she tends to judge herself too.  When we place expectations upon ourselves, we get really disappointed and let down when events in our human lives don’t flow the way which we would have wanted.  So accepting of ourselves are the first step towards peace and love. And this is what I have come to terms with.  I have to accept all of who I have become even though there are certain aspects within myself which others cannot understand or accept.   The truth is that we as humans tend to strive towards the acknowledgement and acceptance of others.  This is not usually a good thing because we unknowingly give away our personal powers to those whom we feel that are important to us.  I learnt that those who love you would always stand by you and support you.  Those who can come to love you eventually may likely do the same.  There shall be some who would not love you nor come to accept you as who you are and we have to learn to walk away and perhaps bless them from a distance.  Rise from the opinions of others and be the true “gem” of who you are, being lovable or not 🙂

With much love and light to you always

Cezann Mer’Sindor


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