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may be some answers to my query on becoming s Steiner Waldorf teacher? Is it really for me? Before the concern is it possible?

taught in three different Waldorf schools and lived in a Waldorf training center. A full account of my experience can be found here……


beautiful classrooms

ready made community

problem children (or families) are often removed from the school


no flexibility in the way you teach things.

inaccurate and/or outdated academic concepts are taught. Teachers who try to teach up-to date or accurate information are ridiculed and outcast by the rest of the staff. (For example we were to teach that European people were the ancestors of the Lemurians. Teachers who did not want to teach this were called “unenlightened”, ignored, and eventually fired.)

European Centered curriculum that looks down on other races.

No adaptation to a child’s needs, interests, or learning style. For example, if a 6 year old child can read already, they will not allow him to read in school and will even tell the parents to keep books away from him/her at home.

Inflexible curriculum that does not allow for individualism. (Only certain colors or certain concepts are allowed to be used at certain times in a child’s life. Children who want to learn something or use a material out of sync with the Waldorf curriculum are not allowed to do so even at home.)

Academics mainly focused on rote memorization and copying. (Yeah, they show you all those beautiful paintings, colorings, and so on, but each one is a direct copy of the teacher’s. The children can’t even change the color of the hair to match their own, even if the character isn’t described in the detail that the teacher drew.)

Focus on fantasy and teaching myths as reality (For example they teach children the gnomes and fairies truly exist)

If your peers don’t like you, they can fire you without warning

If an “in” parent is upset with you, they can fire you without warning.

Although I know people who believe in Waldorf education, I can tell you that NONE of them are very educated people. They have no understanding of the methods behind the teaching of reading, writing, or mathematics. More so, they have no foundational knowledge in science, history, social studies, geography, … They will tell you that they have 4 year degrees, but it is always in something like “music therapy” or “the history of watercolor”. I think this is important to note, because most of the academics taught in Waldorf schools are scientifically and historically incorrect. They are based in part on outdated knowledge, but primarily on the occultist beliefs of Waldorf Education’s founder Rudolf Steiner.Since most of the teachers have no foundational knowledge to begin with, they do not realize that they are teaching incorrect and/or outdated material.

The salary for most Waldorf teachers is the same as for any private school teacher; poorer than that of the public school teachers, (and we all know that that is not high), and usually without benefits.
Many experiences working and living in different Waldorf environments

Here are two blogs. One written by an ex-Waldorf teacher and one by an ex Waldorf student. There are so many of these, so if you would like links to more, feel free to contact me, and I will send them to you.……

Here are some articles on things that I stated, as with the blogs, feel free to drop me a line and I will send you links to many more.…


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