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Plants SING! =D

Chance upon this sometime back. It brings smiles to me and a little sadness how the big ego of humans just isn’t respecting the amazing possible fact of all living things deserve RESPECT.

Even if we find it hard to believe PLANTs can sing, need us to treat them kind just like we like to be treated, at least just admire beautiful nature in awe. For the reason that nature is amazing, we humans should just be nice to all, including our environment, LOVE our environment, and stop having  overly blown-up ego that we should just do whatever to make comfort for the sake of ourselves, to fulfil our needs – The World needs Balance.

Go back to ancient knowledge – it is all stated, from the orient to the west. Sigh, when will we realise? We are realising, but … more are ignorant, and a smaller portion of people yet influential to make changes, are making the so-called negative, disrespectful changes. 

Singing Plants at Damanhur

published on Mar 9, 2012 by 88EricHamel88

We want to thank everyone for the beautiful comments. The Music of the Plants is something our community has been researching since 1976. We have several concerts on our Youtube channel @damanhurtube. You can find out more about our community at our website .

Here is a blog post to our latest research in which we are testing out this theory:

For more information about vital energy, healing, and counciousness, please visit:

Quite an interesting interview =)

Can plants make music?

Video by

Plant Orchestra by Anders Lauge Meldgaard & Christina Shirley.

Can you believe it since the 60’s, scientists have discovered and proved PLANTS REACT, even if one is skeptical about them feeling, THEY REACT. So what is it about us humans – ignoring facts, not teaching the discovery just simply, perhaps, the knowledge and possible truths become inconvenient to us, to our lifestyle?!!!!

Experimental PROOF – PLANTS can READ YOUR MIND & have Consciousness!!!

Cleve Baxter – Plants can sense human intentions

Uploaded by vibrantenergy on Mar 19, 2008

This is a video of Cleve Baxter, a polygraph scientist who did the controversial experiment with plants and animal cells. In the 60s, he
decided on impulse to attach his polygraph electrodes to the now-famous dracaena in his office, then water the plant and see if the leaves responded (p. 4). Finding that the plant indeed reacted to this event, he decided to see what would happen if he threatened it, and formed in his mind the idea of lighting a match to the leaf where the electrodes were attached.

And that was when something happened that forever changed Baxter’s life and ours. For the plant didn’t wait for him to light the match. It reacted to his thoughts!

Through further research, Baxter found that it was his intent, and not merely the thought itself, that brought about this reaction.

He also discovered that plants were aware of each other, mourned the death of anything (even the bacteria killed when boiling water is poured down the drain), strongly disliked people who killed plants carelessly or even during scientific research, and fondly remembered and extended their energy out to the people who had grown and tended them, even when their “friends” were far away in both time and space.

In fact, he found, plants can react “in the moment” to events taking place thousands of miles away. And not only are they psychic, they also are prophetic, anticipating negative and positive events, including weather.

One of the most important things that Baxter discovered was that, instead of going ballistic, plants that find themselves in the presence of overwhelming danger simply become catatonic (p. 7)! This phenomenon, the book tells us, has posed endless problems for those researchers who, unlike Baxter, do not respect the sentience of their subjects. Under such circumstances, the plants they are studying evince no reaction whatsoever. They simply “check out.”
Distance healing through broadcasting of wave-form energy — called radionics — depends upon the concept that all parts of reality communicate with all the other parts “outside of time,” and that a small piece of something can stand in for the whole, no matter how far away in “space” that whole thing may be — exactly as a voodoo doll stands in for the person being helped or harmed.

As The Secret Life of Plants describes in detail through several chapters, radionics practitioners totally proved as far back as 1952 that they could “treat” plant crops without actually spraying them, simply by broadcasting the waveform of the pesticide to a photograph(!) of the field itself. The results of doing this were actually better than when insecticide was applied to the physical field. And the potential, not only for nurturing our environment but for cutting the cost of food production, was dramatic.

But Monsanto and friends, with the help of our government, made sure that such a revolution in growing practices did not happen. The practitioners were ridiculed, and their published results discredited. As had been happening since the time of Nicola Tesla, yet another sustainable energy practice was wiped almost out of existence.


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