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I found the Melody Larson’s Steps to Spiritual Journey. I believe there is more to each step … till I find them


What is the spiritual journey to awakening?
The spiritual journey appears to be an evolutionary movement forward from ego, to soul, to spirit. In reality, it’s the circular journey of re-membering and returning to who and what we already are. It’s about awakening from the dream of separation.
From our human perspective, it’s about shifting our attention from suffering to acceptance, from judgment to allowing, from success to significance, from disease to wholeness, and from powerlessness to empowerment. Ultimately, it’s about shifting from a state of fear to a state of love.
How do you move forward on the spiritual journey?
As with any journey, it helps to have a map. The map I’ve drawn is a practical breakdown, or synthesis, of the many “paths up the mountain” to awakening. It consists of 12 steps that can be found in many esoteric teachings. These 12 steps correspond to the 12 chakras, the 12 signs of the zodiac, and Jung’s 12 archetypes, for example.
The map marks the terrain that all of humanity traverses, but it’s not the terrain itself. How you experience the universal journey is as unique as you are. You will walk it according to your soul’s purpose, discovering the nooks and crannies of the lessons you’re here to learn, and the wide open vistas of the gifts you’re here to master and share with the world.
Where are you now in your journey?
By exploring the 12 steps & the 3 stages of the journey, you can begin to find your place on this grand evolutionary adventure to awakening. This is a brief listing of the 12 steps and 3 stages to assist you.
Stage One—Preparation. Strengthening the Ego.
1)     SEPARATION—Just trying to survive & thrive. “I am alone.”
2)     BELONGING—Wanting to fit in and be loved. “I’m part of a tribe.”
3)     SELFHOOD—Rebelling & making changes. “I want to be free.”
4)     COMMUNION—Finding compassion. “I accept myself & others.”
Stage Two—The Adventure. Healing the Soul.
5)     SOVEREIGNTY—Enjoying authenticity & success. “I am secure.”
6)     SEARCHING—Lost & seeking meaning. “There must be more.”
7)     SURRENDER—Cultivating faith. “Not by my will alone.”
8)     HEALING—Getting over the past & karma. “I am becoming whole.”
Stage Three—The Return. Merging Soul with Spirit.
9)    GUIDANCE—Opening intuition & finding purpose. “I know my  contract.”
10)  CO-CREATION—Serving. “I use my gifts for the highest good.”
11)  TRANSMUTATION—Mastering Laws & Forces. “I create multiple realities.”
12)  UNITY—Awakening, Enlightenment. “All is one. I am THAT”

Navigating your life
These 12 steps appear linear, but in reality the journey is never so. A map is a two-dimensional image, while the journey is not. You’ll inevitably encounter setbacks, retracing of steps, skipping over steps, traversing several steps at once, and many jumps back and forth. You may accomplish all 12 steps in one lifetime, or take several lifetimes to do so. Awakening, the wild card on this journey, may occur at any time.
Remember: the journey is happening now, and it’s important to fully embrace wherever you are on the path without resistance or judgment. All steps are vital. All steps are equal in importance. You are where you are, and the adventure of your life is unfolding beautifully, perfectly, and profoundly.
Update: This article is now available in an expanded version as a kindle book: The 12 Steps of the Spiritual Journey: A Path to Spiritual Awakening and Self-Empowerment
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