Live in the present moment wisely and earnestly

I like what is said by Jean Hamilton-Fford

From her blogsite :

Action is key to any progress – backward or forward.
I have been creating a Tarot deck based on the Thoth Tarot and adding a twist similar to the Lenormand Oracle.  I have learned a great deal over the past month or so and learn even more when I am creating. I visit numerous references when I have a question that I need to clarify. The hardest part is adding the verses to the cards. It becomes a personal, spiritual journey when I contemplate the verse.
Nothing, however, would be accomplished without action. I do reach occasional road blocks with this process. Whether it is gaining clarity to construct the card or the verses, there are times when I have to just begin it. Just begin. I find when I take action and just begin, the blocks crumble and I make progress.

( it started with wanting to more about Thoth that leads me to this creat


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  1. * jeanhf says:

    Thank you for tying this together with education. Just begin it. Do something. It is always necessary to move in any direction. Love, light and blessings! ♥

    | Reply Posted 5 years, 7 months ago

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