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The aim of education should be to teach us rather how to think, than what to think – rather to improve our minds, so as to enable us to think for ourselves, than to load the memory with thoughts of other men.”

What is education and how should it be implemented for the development of a genius generation? These are the questions we must ask before we initialize the action of the Asiatic genius. One of the elements that separate conscious beings from other created beings is knowledge and the application of knowledge. Simply having knowledge alone is not enough. Educators and parents have to become intimate with the foundation of self knowledge and how it feeds the development of the Asiatic child. Teaching Self Knowledge, Self Identity and the Application of Knowledge allows for active growth and ongoing evolution of the mental faculties. Teaching the child how to seek constant growth and how to reflect on the knowledge obtained distinguishes them from others that simply learn to replicate information.
Education encompasses both the Earthly and Divine principles that foster the cultivation of the psycho-spiritual gifts for the purpose of advancing, aiding and improving civilization. If these aims are not the end result, then the process of education did not take place. Rather domestication and training occurred to maintain a certain structure and order of operation (subjugation).
Parents and educators, both, must develop an appreciation of self knowledge; however, they must also develop an appreciation for the application and implementation of knowledge as this educational component cultivates the individual: their mind, body and spirit. Ultimately, this educational process brings the child, then adult, closer to attaining their purpose for being. During the development and application of a holistic educational curriculum, the concept of self-cultivation and psycho-social development corresponds to the child’s surroundings and is vital to the overall educational framework as it teaches and links the child to understanding their role in their community and society with 1) proper service of themselves, 2) proper service to their family, 3) proper service to their community and 4) proper activity, participation and contribution to their nation, the world and the Universe.
However, we have to consider the problems that exist in the current so-called educational structure. The foundation of this system revolves around the acquisition of material substance. Breeding the child to think from an individualist perspective. Opposing the idea of collective thinking and contribution creates, within the child, an addiction for material gratification and constant external reward. An education system that fosters this type of thinking encourages division and leads to individuals never being ‘whole,’ as they constantly seek external rewards for satisfaction, thus creating a never ending cycle of false satisfaction, thrill seeking and psycho-social destructive behavior.
All ancient educational systems taught the child how they were directly related to the Universe and the Creator of the Omniverse. Proper education begins with teaching the child how the part relates to the whole, creating a systemic understanding and thinking process (e.g. cells create tissues, tissue creates organs, and organs create organ systems). Teaching the child in this manner allows the child to develop a holistic connection to their surroundings, their family, the society and their nation. 
If the educator, teachers and caregivers, provide a limited knowledge to the child then the child will demonstrate those restrictions in their behavior and action. The capacity of a child’s brain is limitless and if the challenge for the development of their brain does not exist, then their potential will be limited. Therefore, if the teacher and parent are constantly growing and developing themselves, then so will the child continue to grow and awaken the latent genius that exists within them. An education system that promotes upward progression, encompasses and reflects Self Mastery and the mastery of the heavens that reside within and round us all. The science of the creator is infinite and the science, whether Geometry, Mathematics, Law, Health, Agriculture, or Language, all play an integral role in the gnosis of the Most High.
As an example, we may need to take a look at an educational facility that has demonstrated how an Asiatic Child should be educated and the types of accomplishments that can be made with a solid curriculum in place. Take, for example, the Marcus Garvey School founded in 1975 by Dr. Anyim Palmer. The school provides educational services for Pre-School, Elementary and Middle School aged children. Focusing on teaching the Asiatic child from an African-center perspective, the school has become a guiding light and an example of what is achievable with the Asiatic child.  Let’s take a look at some of the accomplishments taking place at the Marcus Garvey School:
• Two year olds learn to recite the alphabet in multiple languages (English, Ki Swahili and Spanish)
• Three year olds are able to recall the major bones in the body along with being able to identify all 50 states
• Four year olds are capable of reading at a third through sixth grade level
• Third graders score higher on reading and math than children attending public for gifted children
• The students at the Marcus Garvey School are generally three or more grade levels above the national average in both reading and mathematics
The astounding fact about this school, and its ability to truly teach Asiatic children, is the fact that these accomplishments continue to build upon themselves, compounding and creating an active mind and an eager mental environment for learning and knowledge assimilation. When children are taught inside an environment where their esteem and identity is the focal point within the educational curriculum, the awakening of the genius (the Ptah Factor) is a duplicable process that quickens the genius element and prepares the Asiatic being for perpetual growth.
For the child to be an effective learner and achiever, the knowledge of self has to become a large part of the cultivation process which ties into the child’s divinity and educational mechanism that links him or her to the understanding of their higher self. Additionally, when the child sees the curriculum as a holistic extraction of self, they perform better, behave better and achieve more. It is best for the child to learn they are the subject and topic of discussion, whether directly or indirectly. Showing the child how Mathematics, Chemistry, Language, Economics, Agriculture and Health are all related to him/her, the child learns more quickly and experiences success which leads to greater esteem and a desire to reach greater heights for the benefit of civilization.
It is imperative, however, that we teach the children about active thinking and how their minds are the key to total success: the Master Key. Teaching the child about the power of positive thought improves self image, linking them directly into the lessons of self and mutual respect. Having this understanding improves behavior and lends to the development of a more productive and cohesive society. However, a curriculum that fails to teach the child these elements of Self, lends to an environment of mischief, mental insecurities, psychological ailments and individualistic tendencies. This is an important reason why Moorish/Asiatic history must be incorporated into the curriculum, studied and “actively” celebrated, giving the child the experience of that which they are studying. It must also be understood, that under the current so-called educational system, Asiatics learn how to use their “street smarts” and survival skills to navigate through unfavorable situations and environments. They are not educated as to how to develop favorable situations that creates the environment for Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice. Placing images and derogatory language in the midst of a young and impressionable mind lends to the development of an Asiatic entity that operates contrary to that which builds, maintains, teaches and progresses a nation. 
It is well understood why and how the Asiatic Moorish male and female were denied and deprived Knowledge of Self. This tactic acted to disconnect the Asiatic from the potentialities that exist within Self. The deliberate mis-education blocked the psyche from any concrete knowledge of accomplishment and from linking one’s self to its natural birthright, inheritance and divine covenant.
The development and demonstration of the educational systems throughout must be in place to foster the genius in Moorish/Asiatic children. However, the adult teachers, parents, caregivers and educators, themselves, must be dedicated to the ongoing learning process themselves.
-Zothyrius Ali El, MBA/GM
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After reading quickly the above pasted article from , I notice the mention of a child’s role.   

“understanding their role in their community and society with 1) proper service of themselves, 2) proper service to their family, 3) proper service to their community and 4) proper activity, participation and contribution to their nation, the world and the Universe.”

Why it feels such weight for now? May be it is because of my association my countrymen’s children – too much left-brained stuff, lack of proper play, expecting them to be matured enough to deal with the logical left-brained analysis. I always say as the old saying has said 鱼与熊掌不能兼得, one can’t have both th fish and bear’s paw at the same time. Over quickly developing one area of a innocent child (now I say) takes away his/her right to discover other perhaps more important things, than just scoring the English grammar, tough Mathematical sums, rote learn the Chinese when the environment does not naturally supports it.

Don’t we notice THEY ARE EAGER TO LEARN – when we tell the that story? When they see the bird? the worm? things that lead to WHY? That is why they LOVE Science – still we create a limitation, as they study to be tested (Despite the initial test/exam purpose is just checking if they have understood, nowadays, it has consciously or subconsciously, or short-cut bcome the way to show success, show being hardworking – even the hardwork is pushed upon by others – teachers, school, parents, tutors – LEARNING is not from WITHIN. Then how can a civilisation truly PROGRESS?!

How to find the balance in which an institution or system in organising learning for the mass AND AT THE SAME TIME allow flow to nurture the group of kids to their maximal potential WITHOUT  unnecessary stress and being put down as in a group to catch up with everyone???



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