Live in the present moment wisely and earnestly

Wow! In this restaurant website, it even includes radio station?!

Somewhere along the reading of Wild Honey Restaurant, notice their mentioned the place is onewith good music, good vibes

Go to the website:


Music western- not the usual latest pop. I like it 🙂 – the songs may be quite totally unfamiliar but good feel, uplifting, strange all the singing yet not distracting.

It is a cyber one, and I think it is a radio station from ….

got it from

KCRW, a community service of Santa Monica College, is Southern California’s leading National Public Radio affiliate, featuring an eclectic mix of music, news, information and cultural programming. The station boasts one of the nation’s largest arrays of locally- produced, nationally-distributed talk program content. extends the station’s profile globally, with three streams featuring web-exclusive content: all music, all news and the live station simulcast, as well as an extensive list of podcasts. The non-commercial broadcast signal reaches 550,000 listeners weekly and is supported by 55,000 member/subscribers.

Well, not sure what community service of Santa Monica College really means, I imagine it is a group of volunteers running the scene and not depending what the mass/commercial market want to sell.

Most of all, I wanna say: YES, it is like finding a place (though I haven’t even visited this Wild Honey place or its other Arbutus restaurants), I mean finding a reconfirmation:

Life can and may be even should be a huge marriage of beautiful stuff – matching colours, lovely interesting texture, inspiring or calming arts, alluring or calming scent, the RIGHT atmosphere, good vibes/energy

and then lead the people in, experiencing goodness, positivity

and the exchange of good thoughts, inspiring thoughts, and perhaps thoughts that will be act upon for a better world

(Oops I am getting a little carried awayyyyyyy. At least for now, I mean a confirmation of creating spaces that are positive and nurture our hearts and souls 🙂 )

A little bit about me-self: from a practical family that food is just food to fill the tummy, food that tastes good but not into the good look/presentation – something is just missing for me. I seem to want an ENTIRE package, that closest family thinks it is asking for too much, or tooooooo petty? 🙂 I know were they come from, but I guess progressing, advancing hmmmmm has to do with the moving into the finer hmmmm level?

Not just th body be satisfied, full, but the soul is fed well with exquisitities 🙂 Haha I grin as I say this. You know, it does not have to be expensive, it is the thought of the moment to make it good, lovely, it is the feeling, the focus, perhaps even the calmness bringing some form of harmonious beauty presented and enjoyed.

Then, it is NOT quantity, but Quality 😀 😀 😀

And in that lovely place, perhaps we don’t even need to eat FOOD, just drink the purest water and be quenched, be filled with such positive, harmonious energy! (Hahaha I am getting carried away, right?)


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