Live in the present moment wisely and earnestly

Typing down thoughts, findings and inspiration

I wonder HOW YOU ALL do it???

Past days, I haven’t been typing:
1) partly because of work
2) did not bring work place’s Hp laptop home (better than not having a laptop, but this is the worst keyboard I have ever had. Weeks ago, I even learnt from the office technician, I wasn’t the only one facing the constant untyped out lettering situation, it seems to be a common thing since beginning of the year, the organisation purchase this lot of Hp for junior staff like me, while those considered to be justified to be heavy user on the computer, got Toshiba Tablet and senior staff got Lenovo)
(haha squeezing in the complain I long have about Hp)
3) tired – I don’t even know why (perhaps I do) I was so tired on certain days and then followed by a day of restlessness.

There have been thoughts, and especailly after flipping the papers, discovered another restaurant I feel like talking about.

Thoughts and things wanting to note down, to share seem to be taking place faster than the possibility to get seated down, with the electrical gadget to type. IT ACTUALLY FEELS a little FRUSTRATING, and concern that the thoughts will run offfffffffff and that’s it.

In my draft now,there is this incomplete sharing to specific people that I have not gotten back to it …

Let’s see what’s gonna happen when I awake …


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