Live in the present moment wisely and earnestly

Ah, Beloved,
            Each system of thought that unfolds in your mind from Divine Mind enables you to better serve those that turn to you for help of any kind.  But always remember, dear Love, that as your perceptions of other human thought grows, it is always and only so that you may help gently give them Truths about God Qualities, to quiet their human fears.
            So many have been taught fear.  So many live in fear.  Teach them that God’s Goodness of Spirit is always present, and maintain your own calm certainty of the Omnipotence of Spirit.  As ever, the best demonstration of the Truth of God is your own health and serenity.  Fear not to show those, and let them speak for themselves. 
            So many see the false evidence all around them, with the human senses.  Be willing to show them unearthly calm, unearthly Peace, to help convince them it is possible to have.



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