Live in the present moment wisely and earnestly

I have been thinking about KARMA

It is funny that on one hand:there is NO RIGHT and NO WRONG. It is part of the Yin/Yang, Masculine/Feminine coexistence.  We humans have given judgement. 

However, despite no-right-no-wrong, there is consequences, outcome AND I feel we are all here wanting a good life, and that means we need to respect and love one another and everything in our surrounding.

Then, KARMA, how does it play a part? Good Karma – becomes lighter. Bad Karma – becomes denser and entwine in attachment?

SCOTT MANDELKER Introductory Statement:

There is no greater evolutionary force in Creation than the karmic law of cause and effect. As the primary means by which souls evolve through all dimensions of apparent time-space, it is the prime mover in soul progression across all realms of incarnation.

It is itself a consequence and derivative of the grand Law of Free Will (the causative basis of manifest Creation) by which beings are given the right and, indeed the duty to continually choose their way. As its main function, the karmic law encourages and guides continual soul growth and the ineluctable progress of time-space itself. It is no less magnificent than this, and generates the very pathways of all-dimensional existence, being this close to the heart of the Creator-Logoi in fulfillment of their unknowable Cosmic Plan.

Reaping what we sow, creating our own reality, meeting projected fragmentary aspects of inner life on the canvas of so-called external activity — all this is guided by the majestic laws of karma. It is the process by which the aspected and apparently complex (ie, self-contradictory) personal self returns in form, energy and consciousness to a completed universal self. Without karmic operation, souls literally could not return to themselves.

In human life, we wonder why various circumstances come our way, why some of us enjoy streaming pleasure while others seem doomed to constant limitation — and yet, all this proceeds under ineluctable karmic law, not accidental in the least. The universe is not capricious; terran humanity simply doesn’t comprehend the logic of soul progression along the long, multi-incarnational and multi-dimensional way of polarized manifestation.

Gautama Buddha explained it simply and for practical usage in his primary teachings. As a “way-shower,” he pointed out that our virtuous thoughts and deeds are precursors to happiness, while selfishness in all forms is the progenitor of suffering. And yet, many souls of deep love and kindness in this world do suffer greatly, while many of the most heinous (negatively polarized souls) on Earth reap untold wealth and influence, living in oases of luxury with continual options for further self-enhancement. This state of affairs simply cannot be understood without deep recognition of timeless reincarnation plans and the prevailing extra-dimensional laws and pre-incarnative life-design of souls.

This principle of higher-dimensional planning for incarnation is no less than the metaphysical basis for eventually coming to terms with the purpose of all form-based life itself. Though its complete dynamic cannot be fully understood with the current mind complex we use in the 3rd dimensional matrix, it can be penetrated in an elementary way by those who seek to know and gain wisdom. Such is the purpose of this writing.


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