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Meet another wonderful person and leading to more thoughts

Graham Hancock Presenting at the 2012 Conference

Meet another wonderful person who is defeinitely a wonderful speaker, at the same time, my heart can’t help feeling he is a wonderful person.

What he is presenting (so far I am just at the 11th min) isn’t new to me: different so-called folklores to many people, I prefer to put it as believeable, so term culture, all have shared similar origin of our civilisation/being.

Interesting now at 12th-15th min onwards, he focuses a lot on maps.

Anyway, such sharing, talk always make me wonder WHY SUCH SHARING or KNOWLEDGE is niche, not shared  to all, OR these are knowledge shared only for those who seek. The ignorant may never know bother, or when touch upon, receive in disbelief.


I find what he said starting about 53rd min to 56th min meant something to me:

There is a stress on moral, on how we reat our fellow human beings, but there is MORE, we are given the opportunity to DO SOMETHING, DID WE TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY.

This is answering my question, isn’t it? Then, how to I relate to “burden” this Avalon Wisdom card that I have picked. What Cezanne shared about how others see something as burden, I may not find it so, I can still carry through with a sense of beauty, just as the picture was beautiful of autumn woods.

The explanation in the book states practically the meaning too: sometimes it isn’t carrying others burden, as they have to figure things out, or by taking the issue/problem/burden upon my shoulder, it actually takes away their experience, their learning.

Does this mean: I am not to take on small little individual’s issue. The energy put in actually hinders me from moving on. Now, it time to manifest, manifest on a spiritual platform, on the truth. It is not about solving the 3D issues, beacause when the bigger direction of spiritual area is lit, the 3D stuff will automatically be resolved. Why I think so? Do I make sense? Is it really so?

Life is meant to be approached with lightness and light.


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