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Something I should be thinking about having fun on this 3-D plane afterrally have fun and worry not :)


* Finding your goals!
Finding your goals!
Reprint of an old loved post!

As I said before my goal is about money.  I want to be earning a specific amount of money each and every day, 7 days a week.  I heard someone say recently that the best way to be rich is to make money while you’re sleeping.  I agree with this in principal, but there are really two things I think that are important:
* You need multiple streams of income
* You need to set up income earners to work on their own
So to explain just a little bit I’m aiming to use many streams of income to achieve my goal.  So rather than one big idea my expectation is that I will have perhaps 6 or 10 ideas all of which when combined together will help me achieve my goal.  One or two might be extraordinary, and require more attention and therefore might earn more than the others.
Secondly anything that can earn money should be something that happens all on its own.  As an example most websites can take orders for products you want to sell at any time day or night.  You don’t have to be on the end of a phone talking to someone to earn that money, it’s really pretty simple.  And at least for me using computers, the internet, and technology will play a role in all of these ideas.
Now your goal doesn’t have to be about money though:
* Do you want to be in better physical condition?
* Do you want to find a new boyfriend/girlfriend?
* Do you want to get a new job?
These and others are all good goals, I’m just concentrating on money right now.  Let me assure you though that money is not the end, just the means.  I have plans for the money but I know I need the money first.
One thing that Bob taught me along time ago in his book was working out how much money you actually need.  You might be surprised to learn that the amount of money you think you need is actually more than what you do need!
Do an exercise, add up all your monthly expenses (rent, mortgage, bills, shopping, dining, entertainment, everything).  Then look at each number and adjust it to accommodate the way you want to be living.  That new total is your goal.  Now you need to put a timeframe on it.
Do you need to be reasonable?  NO!
If there’s one thing I have learned in the time I’ve been studying this it’s that the bigger the goal, the more exciting it is and the more involved you get.  In a couple of days I’m going to talk about ‘getting involved’ with your goal.  One of the keys to the success of this is emotion, getting your entire mind, body and intellect into the belief that you can achieve that goal.
If you want to lose weight then how much and by when?
One final word of caution… once you’ve picked a goal STICK TO IT!
There an excellent story about a man who went to a restaurant and ordered chicken soup.  A few minutes later he called the waiter back and changed his order to pumpkin soup, then a few minutes later changed it again to spaghetti.  He then sat complaining about why his meal took so long to come to the table.
Once you have decided on a goal, it’s specific and you have a timeframe then make sure you don’t change your goal.  Once you’ve committed to it then the world around you will start to change to help you get there, but if you keep changing your goal then you will be sending out mixed messages and the energy around you will not have the time it needs to deliver what’s required.Posted: 3/12/2012 11:32:06 PM by Jen McCormack | with 1 comments

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