Live in the present moment wisely and earnestly

Me – hi and low, sunshine and cloudy

Instead about asking why I am like this, I am starting to stop asking. This is me.

Just 2 days ago, again low the entire afternoon- slept. Not deeply sleeping. It is one of those body quite heavily drifted away without a mind, without intending to sleep, but the being is like given up, did not want to do anything.

Appreciate at least by 4ish got me-self up, decided to clean up, and did cleaning:)!

It felt so good!

That evening despite left house late, I went for Judy Satori’s session. Felt rather good there, before adjourn home, had a little bit of supper and sat there peacefully doing a bit of

A zebra eye, 1-2 flower eye. And I even talk to Mdm Elsie on ufo! So ‘tai tam’!

Then return home high energy or I was more consciously maintainin by hoping myself up. I hug my dad! And did more cleaning, extending the area. I AM GOING TO CLEAN MORE and Do so more systematically as Dad will find more ok.

reading. However home becoming zombie on tv till 5am and ate 4bundles of rice noodles!

Next morning which is this morning out late. Glad for opportunity to face paint – a tiger, a blue gargoyle, a flower eye,


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