Live in the present moment wisely and earnestly

Chance upon this: a reminder to me-self and perhaps how to explain the concept

Be who you (really) are! Well of course. No brainer. RIght? 
As it turns out — not so much.
Being who you really are is not as simple as it ought to be. 
Nor is it easy.
Besides the internal issues that all need to be reconciled, there are socio-economic and cultural biases to overcome. (Truly) being yourself is actually a major thing to accomplish.
The conflict, for most of us, begins in the multiple aspects of self. The physical self, the who I think I am, the who I appear to be, the who I was (just yesterday), the who I am in the process of becoming, … under certain circumstances, in expected roles, with certain people — all expressions of who someone is at any given moment. Which one is the real(est) one? All? None?
The answer is different for each of us. Being who you (really) are can often not start until after a whole lot of unlearning untruths.
At some point though, You (and me and everyone else) have “got” to be what makes you feel good about being yourself. (Read that again.) Then, maybe, the inner struggle about being and not being ‘good enough’ will be conquered. A good goal. Besides, if You don’t like yourself — no one else will either — setting off a whole other set of worthiness issues:)
The right answer comes from my inner voice


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