Live in the present moment wisely and earnestly

just as I was thinking …

Just as I was thinking I am supposed to have my consciousness all embracing, all knowing, then for now it isn’t, I was even thinking that either my mind or body is self sabotaging (though strangely, it is thought of with the feeling of calmness. It is as if ALL IS planned. There is no need to rush. Unlike previously, I will be self blami ng criticising a lot. Not this time.), I came upon this message. It is published quite a long while ago, but I can’t feeling it is the message for now:


May 7, 2011TAKE ONE STEP AT A TIME Every goal and change is accomplished one step at a time. We see your wonderful aspirations and desires, and we applaud you for reaching so high! We encourage you to continue along the path toward the realization of your dreams. Just remember that any road is traveled one step at a time. Keep your focus centered on the current step that you’re taking. Don’t worry about the ones that you’ll take next week, month, or year. They’ll take care of themselves as you approach that time. Put all your intention into making your present moment a magnificent one. It dose’nt matter if it seems insignificant-just keep in mind that even the smallest action propels you foward. Affirmation for the Day: I bless and nurture the current step that i’m taking towards the realization of my big dreams. I put my full attention and intention into each foward movement. I focus on the now, enjoying each action that I take along the path toward my manifestations. much love IKISHA STAR *******

Still I like to be in better self mastery of self, of the actions on this time-involved 3d plane. Like waking early, to enjoy, experience more fuller consciousness than drifting into the blackness, and when I am back, I have absolute no idea what happened.

My desire of achievement and balance- guess that is why: Step By Step. I guess like what I was advised: Carry what I can.


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