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These notes are only guidelines to aid you on your own Spiritual path and as with all spiritual work it is often about finding your own Truth. If you disagree or feel uncomfortable with anything that is suggested here by all means find an alternative Truth that is acceptable to you.
Grounding/Earthing is all about the awareness that we are still in a physical body as well as endeavouring to become spiritual workers and beings.Why is it so important that we ground/earth ourselves?
Below you will find a few ways in which being grounded can make such a difference to our everyday life:
* Brings life in to matter and to be able to bring our healing abilities into the physical.
* Increases balance and stability in our physical and our emotional state.
* Helps bring acceptance that we are here to fulfil a purpose.
* Brings strength.
* Helps in creating a bridge between Spirit and matter.
* Provides an outlet making the release (of energy) easier.
* Allows the attainment of higher Spiritual levels.
As a healer it is very important to keep your patient grounded.How will I know if I am grounded or ungrounded?
Below is a list of some of the more common symptoms of being ungrounded. Usually each individual will encounter the same one or two symptoms each time they are ungrounded.
* Dizziness
* Daydreaming
* A feeling of being ‘Spaced Out’
* Feeling sick
* Heart palpitations
* Eyes flickering
* Weight gain
* Clumsiness
* Static shocks
* Falling asleep when meditating
* Noise and light sensitive
* Forgetful
* Having brilliant ideas that never happen
* Arguing and unable to get your point across
(Please note that many of these symptoms can also be linked to other physical conditions or illnesses, if in doubt always check with your GP. Light and energy work is complementary to general medicine and should not be viewed as a substitute.)So how do I become more grounded?
Here are some things you can do to help bring you back down to earth:
* Eating (hence sometimes the weight gain) – healthy & balanced.
* Drinking water
* Walking, especially in natural surroundings
* Sports, yoga, tai chi etc.
* Gardening
* Animals eg. walking the dog
* Being purposeful
* Visualization of roots/colour (see below)
* Carrying/working with crystals (see below)
All of the list above is fairly self explanatory with the possible exception of visualization and the use of crystals, so here is a quick guideline as to how you can use either of these techniques:
The easiest and most helpful thing to imagine when you are trying to ground yourself is tree roots! Just imagine you have great long sturdy roots coming from the base of your feet (which should remain flat on the floor during the visualisation), or, from the base of your spine if you are sitting directly on the floor. Just let these roots go right down in to the earth below and let them anchor you onto the earth. This is a very quick and efficient technique to remember when releasing energy such as static shocks from cars and supermarket trolleys!
Colour can also be quite helpful, deep earthy colours such as red, brown and terracotta are always good. Again just imagine that this colour surrounds you. You can imagine it as light or a cloak or blanket, whatever is easier for you.
Crystals can be very helpful in the grounding process. It is best to carry them in a trouser or skirt pocket (or sock if you can make it comfortable!).You must remember to cleanse and dedicate your chosen crystal for this purpose before using it. A small piece of tumbled stone will be sufficient to carry with you. Here is a list of a few easy to obtain crystals that could be used for this purpose:
Red jasper (most jaspers are good as grounders) Bloodstone, Hematite, Gold tigers eye, Carnelian, Garnet, Pyrite, Copper, Amber, Unakite.

*Also see our article on Protection.
© Mystic Mouse 2001
Grounding allows physical objects, beings-in-body, and all energy phenomena to be stable and powerful in manifest reality.  It also allows energy phenomena to be more real, more present in the manifest reality of the planet.

First, let’s consider the energy system of the human body.  One of the major pieces of the human body’s complex energy system is its grounding cord.  In a male body, it connects around the prostate area and in a female body from the area around the ovaries.  It extends from the human body right to the center of the planet.

When people are grounded, there is more security and stability than when ungrounded.  A grounding cord makes people feel more certain.  They are not as easily led astray.  They feel present and solid in their body.  When they are not grounded, there is more of a circuit of energy built up in their space that they cannot release.  They feel less assured, less solid.  There is more drifting out of or leaving of the body.  They can be easily taken off course without realizing it.  They react rather than act in response to situations around them.

Every human body has the ability to be grounded.  Being conscious of this is a major piece of the spiritual puzzle.  A grounding cord in a human body is the primary way to release foreign energy out of the energy system.  Every body’s energy system is designed for its own energy.  So anything that is not part of its system is considered foreign energy.  The grounding cord is constantly releasing energy to whatever degree the person is ready to let it go.  The grounding cord has a constant downward flow, out of the body’s space.  There are other parts of the human energy system that are constantly receiving energy.  The grounding cord is where the energy system is constantly letting go and releasing energy.

Another function of the grounding cord is to hold the being in its body.  A spiritual being can leave its body very easily.  It can go anywhere, to a future or past time, to another country or out into the cosmos.  The grounding cord assists in holding the spiritual being within the physical body so the spiritual being can have the human experience.  The grounding cord and the body allow the being to experience manifestation.

On a practical level, a grounding cord can be very advantageous.  I watched a construction worker doing his job six stories up.  He walked around on girders that were about six inches across.  He moved easily from girder to girder.  He was not wearing a harness, but he looked completely safe, completely comfortable.  I could not help but wonder how he felt so secure in that situation.  Then I noticed his grounding cord.  It was massive and flowing, keeping him totally safe.  He needed that grounding cord to keep his body safe and well balanced.  He probably was not even conscious of having a grounding cord, but his job required it and his life depended on it.

As Spirit, we are outside of time and space altogether.  There are an unlimited number of realities in the universe.  Manifestation is just one of them.  To fully experience manifestation, we need to be fully in a physical body.

Spiritual beings that do not currently have a manifest body can still hang around manifest reality, the physical world, the planet we live on.  In order to experience the full effect of manifestation, however, they need to be in a manifest body.  Then they can fully interact with the physical world.  So a being will make a contract to be born into a body.  As a being-in-body we can experience manifest reality;  we can experience the tangible.  We can feel the whole experience of being in body.  It is an incredible experience for a spiritual being that exists on an energy level to come into manifestation, to be in a physical body. 

The grounding cord supports and holds the being in the body so it can fully experience manifestation.  The more you are grounded, the more you will be fully experiencing manifestation, present in the world, feeling your physicality, experiencing this beautiful planet.

When one is ungrounded or when the grounding cord is weak or not present, there is a sort of drifting away from present experience.  For example, some people who have pain, emotional or physical, may not want to fully experience their body on this planet.  They may not want to fully be here and will sometimes unground their bodies, probably unconsciously, and drift off so they do not have to be part of the real and vibrant experience of being alive.

The more grounded you become, the more effective you can be in manifestation.  On all levels, physical and intellectual, the more present you are in manifestation, the more effective you can be in body.  When physical bodies are grounded, they feel more comfortable.   They feel more relaxed, at ease and are experiencing the current reality.  Grounding also allows them to be more effective with shifting their energy if that is their preference.  When you are ungrounded, it’s much more difficult to shift your reality, change your life.

Grounding also holds physical objects more firmly in manifestation.  A grounded car, for example, is more deeply connected to the ground where it sits.  It is not possible for a physical object to ground itself because, although it is made up of vibrating energy, it is not conscious.  A being-in-body would have to create a grounding cord for the car.  A being-in-body can, in fact, create a grounding cord for anything.  You do not use your own personal grounding; instead, you access universal energy to create a grounding cord for something else.  When an object is grounded it is more real.  A grounded car is safer to drive, and it will not break down as frequently because it is being held together better in 

Grounding cords affect objects.  I remember an example of this from when I was teaching video editing.  Using the technology of the day, we needed 9 different machines in order to edit a single video.  Before I began, I grounded each individual machine and the room.  I would teach somebody how to use the machines and things would go along fine until I left the room.  When I came back a while later, the edits were sometimes broken up because of a ghosting effect going across the monitors.  The person had used the machinery as I taught them to, but they were not maintaining the grounding cords of the physical objects.  When the machinery became ungrounded, it started to malfunction.  It seems that the more advanced or sophisticated the technology, the more sensitive it is to energy.  Computers, for example, are very sensitive to energy and simply grounding the machine will facilitate it working more effectively.

A house that is grounded will be in better shape than a house that is not.  The latter will fall apart or start to slide into its non-manifest state.  Remember that anything that is not grounded will start to flow back to its non-manifest state.  It will start to flow back to energy.  In physical terms, things start to break up and fall apart if they’re not grounded.  So a house that’s not grounded will fall apart faster than a house that is grounded.

A human body will start to fall apart faster if it’s not grounded.  It will get sick quicker.  It will start to flow back to its non-manifest state, which is energy.  That is why bodies are healthier when they are well grounded.

A room that is grounded is more comfortable and relaxed to be in.  In an ungrounded room there is less space for Spirit and it is less safe on many different levels.  

Some people are naturally grounded, and they automatically ground the things that they come in contact with and the energy around them.  Some people are ungrounded and will unground things around them depending on what is going on with their energy.  Every body has their own state of reality with respect to being grounded or ungrounded.  However, this is unconscious for most people.  When you become more conscious, you can be very effective at grounding your body, grounding the things you come in contact with, grounding the energies that you interact with in your life.

Events can also be grounded.  If you are giving a party, for example, and the energy is ungrounded, the event will be less clear and more unreal or diffused.  With grounding, everything becomes more real, present, and safe.  Any kind of event, a meeting, a ritual, a conference or a lecture, can be either grounded or ungrounded. 

Even an idea or the understanding of something can be grounded or ungrounded.  When it is ungrounded, you will be grasping for understanding.  The thought or idea will not be very clear or well understood.  It will be very difficult to bring into manifestation.  An idea that is grounded, however, is clear, well understood, and easily explained or brought into manifestation.

As a spiritual being-in-body, being grounded allows you to more fully experience manifestation, to appreciate life with richness, deep presence, clarity, and ease.
– Scott Robinson 


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