Live in the present moment wisely and earnestly

I like this summarizing the different culture and gives practical suggestions on ENLIGHTENMENT

Seeing the names of the summarized cultures/civilisation, I think about I wanted to know about the space galactic cultures/civilisations, wanting a summary too.

Anyway, it is so common to have nature mentioned as a good healing source. This mentioned at almost the end of the article. I like the clarification that it isn’t just lighting candle and meditate/zenith out, it is about being or raise the conscious level.

I like this highly informative and summarized writing 🙂

The Gravity of Enlightenment and 2012


2012 ? Is known as a date to spread fear and confusion into the minds of everyday people. From all those doomsday prophecies to the end of the world myths, this date has been turned about side down from what it is really supposed to mean. People know really little about the true meaning of 2012 and what it represents, not only what it represents to the human civilization but to the Universe itself.

I don?t want to talk too much about what is going to happen in 2012 or who tell about the prophecies and if it will happen and how. Those questions will always be unanswered until the day comes for us to see. Instead I want to talk about something more important that 2012 will bring to us and that is the journey of enlightenment and how much gravity 2012 has on it. People don?t understand that they shouldn?t be worrying about what is going to happen how, but instead they should take this time that they have and increase their level of consciousness and reach enlightenment, because at that point it won?t really matter what will happen.

Before I go into talking about meditation and enlightenment and how to progress towards that, I wanted to first show you some of the cultures that have their eyes fixed upon this date and are waiting moment by moment for it to enter their doorsteps.
Cultures and 2012

Hopi: An ancient civilization that currently live in Arizona, who predicted the coming of the ?White Man?, several of the world wars, and the nuclear dispute in the super powers of the world. They go on to say that there will be the New Age, where all of this will come to an end and humanity will enter into the ?5th world?.

Mayans: As we know the Mayans have the long count calendar that is coming to an end, and re-entering a New Age, they also pinpoint 2012, in fact they are the most talked about who predicted this date, although not the only ones. According to them we are entering the completion of creation.

Zulu: Give information saying that the ?whole world will be turned upside down?, which makes sense because the world as we know it is currently in space/time, but will be entering a time/space according to lot?s of sources.

Hindus: Following the Lunar calendar the Hindu prophecy of Lord Krishna is supposed to occur as well. The prophecy is almost precisely the same as the Mayans have predicted, yet both these cultures never met. They say this is the end of the Kali Yuga (end time of man) and the rebirth of the enlightened ones on this plane.
Incas: The Inca calendar also ends on the year of 2012, they also mention the turning over of life, the renewal of life. They mention several times of an aligning of the planets which will bring forth the New Age, which relates to the science community of the aligning of the Earth, Sun, and our galaxy.

Aztec: Also similar prophecies as to the Mayans and the rest of the ancient cultures. They too point to the date of 2012, in December at 11: 11 to be exact. They follow the long count calendar which is do to end on that date. For them it is a time of the 6th sun, a New Age of creation.

Dogon: Have a bit of a different take on it, they talk about a returning of a spaceship to form a new blue star, which seems to be relating to us and the Earth, and the new times ahead.

Cherokee: Another very ancient culture points to the date of 2012 as well.
Tibetan: The Tibetan teachings also prophesize of the New Age that is coming up ahead in our time, left by the Buddha himself.

Egyptians: Also have the same perspective, on their stone calendar, and it ending in 2012 A.D.

Those are just the main cultures that point towards this date/time of the coming age. This is backed up with lot?s of theories and metaphysical science, not all provable, and probably never will be for it will inflict the Law of Free Will on many levels.
Consciousness and 2012

Most people have a natural impulse to fear 2012 because they are shooting at it in the dark. What I mean by this is people know that something will happen in 2012 but they don?t know what, so they don?t know what to do about it. They resort to a lot of talking and little doing.

If a person talked continuously stating that one day he will be rich and one did he will have all the cars he wants and live in a big house, would he get all that just from talking? No, never. If he had that in mind and did everything in his power to reach that state, then he has a great shot.

Watch the SHOCKING video and prepare yourself for what’s to come

Well guess what fear and 2012 go in the same direction as that example. People spend countless hours talking about what will happen in the future and how it will affect everyone, but those people really don?t have a clue about what they are going to do about it. The most important aspect to keep in mind is to do something about events like 2012. If this event does happen it won?t be to wipe out all of mankind, that wouldn?t be too progressive on the who ever runs this game. Instead progressing in consciousness is the best way to go, you really have nothing to lose if you do so, and you will no longer be in the dark about 2012, but instead have a light to guide your through it.

?Some calibrated ?facts?:

Here are some important statistics I found online I think everyone should know about, well at least who ever is interested in consciousness and 2012 that is. If you don?t know what wanderers are which there is right now 50% of the popular that consist of them, they are entities that are not really from Earth, but instead came here to help humanity to progress to the next level, but most importantly the Earth.
Percentage of ?Star kids/Seeds/Wanderers? on the Planet: 40 ? 45% of population (measured 04/10/08).
Average ?incarnation LoC? for all living Wanderers on the planet: around 360.
Average ?incarnation LoC? for all Terrestrials on the planet: around 150. ?
Right now the Earth calibrates at around the level of 200, just over the state of truth hood which was taken from the writings of Dr.Hawkins PhD MD. This means that out of the 1000 levels that humans have the potential of reaching most calibrate around 200. Levels of consciousness represent states that a person is one in life and emotion, but most importantly the state of their overall consciousness during the present time span. The reason why I say time span is because most people jump on these levels up and down during the day, but a person is on average always somewhere on that chart either going up or down over a long period of time.

Why is this important you ask? Well because 2012 is the gravity point of both sides of the levels of consciousness. What this means is that as 2012 comes closer and closer the weight of both polarities, this being positive and negative, are at their strongest influence upon humanity as a whole. So if a person is somewhat close to enlightenment and is on the level of love, as the time becomes closer to the date their calibration weight will heavily get boosted to the top, and those that are close to the negative side will get pushed down towards more negativity.

The Universe is simply balancing itself out and placing people in the positions they chose to go themselves.

Meditate Towards Enlightenment ? Practical Guide for 2012
I honestly did not want to get to technical with all those levels of consciousness and how it works because I could literally type up several hundreds pages about what I know on it. Instead of talking about what 2012 is about I want to talk about what to do about it. Since I feel this is a very left out position on every website I visit that is about 2012.

Meditation ? Please wait! I don?t mean you have to sit silently in a room full of candles and be thoughtless for hours, no way! In fact I think this hurts a lot of people who are used to very hectic days going from work to cooking and taking care of their kids. Instead what I am trying to point out is for you to have some time to remember.

Meditation isn?t something that you do, but something that you are a part of. People sitting in a circle talking about their fantasies of the future are a meditating too and its just one of the ways to connect into unity with other people.

So get together with some like minded people and talk, connect about reality and express your minds, allow yourself to be part of something and enjoy life. Simply keeping life to just three aspects of compassion, simplicity, and joy can make all the difference in your day to day life.

Universe>You ? Another way to imagine this is to picture yourself compared to the universe and really absorb how small you are compared to the vastness of the wonders that we see in the sky at night. No this isn?t to make you feel down because you are not special, well you are and you are not, but the point of this is to really make you feel like you have no pressure and nothing to worry about than simply raising your consciousness and loving yourself and others.

Nature ? Nature is your best friend and will always be, so get in tune with it and spend some time outside near a tree or simply look at the sun once in a while. Pay attention to your surroundings and zone out from your singular consciousness. You are part of the oneness that exists everywhere, you simply need to start remembering that and life will really be better.

There is much more I can say, but I think this is enough for now, in summary what I am trying to tell you is not to worry to much about 2012 being something bad or negative, the Universe doesn?t work that way and never will, there is greater purpose than simply wiping out a civilization who can love other more than anyone else, if only we remembered why we are here.


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