Live in the present moment wisely and earnestly

It is intersting that I was telling my 7 year old yesterday: You are living on Earth and it takes time to get things done, cannot rush, step by step, listen to sugestions first. Dearest Yi Liang is such a special boy. As much as I love and feel such fast response kids are gems, but at the same time, I am telling them things I sigh in my heart, or I actually punish them for being too fast for their own own. I love them, and I want to love them as who they are, but I have not found a way that the system allows. I am bound and affected by the system. And I can’t help feeling if they can conform a little to its requirement, it may make things wasier for them. Hear WHAT I AM SAYING, conform a little, IT IS STILL CONFORM. Why should they?! System does not treasure an individual enough.

WILL I FIND a WAY or ways to support these kids AND at the same everything just align within me, align inside-outside with the world, we can’t escape as afterall we are living on it???

I shared with the mom too, his very stubbornness is his special gift in doing something great. Help him to keep that as well while learning to do certain stuff as expected by the adults/the school.



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