Live in the present moment wisely and earnestly

Meaning of LIFE

For the past 40 years, I search for the meaning of LIFE (By capitalizing the word, I guess I still want to give it meaning) and making meaning out of it.

Now, Today, I suddenly say to my myself: I am not going to search LIFE’s meaning. Whether there is or there isn’t (ask me now: there is no meaning actually, but life is so, we find out after searching and believing). Now, I still have a negative or low spirited/energy tone to this statement. I believe, I await the time either it is known, fully comprehended in a neutral or even slight high spirited tone.

The notion or precept that life is SUFFERING took yearsssssss to attain the AHA moment, the neutral stage. At the age of 13, my Buddhist class started off with the four precepts. The notion of life is suffering dampened my spirit for months, then I told myself don’t think about it. It was only years later sometime in early 20s that my being understood it that it is just a factual statement and state without the need to feel sad or down.

Oh, I was learning to ACCEPT then.


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