Live in the present moment wisely and earnestly


At this time, you may also undergo physical and emotional changes…
Some will re-experience pain in their bodies from past injuries-but if you understand that it is there for you to heal, and change & release, you will not have those symptoms again…
Many have said, that 11:11:11 will bring an awakening on a deeper level, and this is very true! But again all of you are learning and growing in your own time…so for everyone, the awakening will be different…& it will be sped up at this time…you may not consciously know it, but subconsciously a change has taken place….many more experiences will be had,if you allow it too happen …don’t give yourself limited expectations …think BIG dream BIG & expect that what is right for you will occur!!
It will be important to ground yourself-imagining a beautiful golden light surrounding you & anchoring you in the center of the Earth …Imagine a column of light from the heavens to the center of the Earth…& placer your initials at both ends!!
Each time that you think of your initials, the column of light will glow,protecting you,healing you & grounding you…
This will clear your chakra’s & help you to feel light of spirit..and more in tune with the spiritual realm…
Your own personal column of light is how the Angels,Guides & loved ones, will travel to you!! But you must believe it is taking place!
Acceptance is the key!
Whilst you are thinking; ‘ It never happens to me’ you are limiting yourself & how quickly the changes and vision will take place…
The more you accept that you are also a very high spiritual being, the more you will see, feel & sense…
Many focus hard in meditation & spiritual techniques..& still do not experience…so keep things light & only expect that change HAS occurred-even if you don’t see the evidence straight away…
There will be those, who are still focused on fear based thinking- in other words, they may be spiritual, but talk of ‘demons’ – ‘fallen angels’, & Gods ‘wrath’-so it will be important that you are not paying attention to things that make you uncomfortable …bless others for their beliefs, but stay true to yours!
This will be important, as you awaken to who you really are, and what you wish to achieve…what is right to you, and resonates as truth throughout your body,mind & soul, should continue to grow…this is important, because it is your unique level of growth & evolution to a higher state of being ….Always watch how your body reacts to information …a feeling of love & harmony is where you should be at…if anything, anyone says or does makes you feel weak or powerless,angry,fearful or upset, you have the choice to let it bother you, or rise above!
So the 11:11:11 light activation, will be smooth and unique to each of you…
It will be the start of an awakening process that fits you and inspires you perhaps like never before…
Do not listen to anything that does not resonate to you, but instead rise above without comment or feeling the need to state your case..What is right for some is not always going to fit with you …listen to this!
Those who have known about their gifts but pushed them aside, will once again re-claim them ….there are so many who have had abilities enhanced for a long time, but have let others control; them-be it family,friends or co-workers, they have felt ‘not good enough’ & stopped…..This will be awakened inside again, with a whole new outlook!
Beware of those that tell you that
“You are not ready” 
“Your energies are all wrong”
“You are not talented”
“I am better than you”
Do not let these people control your mind,and your spiritual journey…
You are ALL extremely gifted spiritual beings!!! The need to be perfect limits you!!
If you have given advice, and it turns out it was seemingly ‘wrong’ it does not mean that you were wrong, it means the energies changed-people made choices & changed the outcome is not wrong at all!
Try to love from your heart-it truly is an amazing place!
When you feel low in spirit, close your eyes & create for yourself a beautiful crystal cave, in your imagination …allow this crystal cave to have whatever you wish inside it ….There will be beautiful doors inside, that when you open,you can invite your Guides, Angels even your higher self inside…
This is yours alone…when you use your imagination, your vision will expand & things will take place that you did not imagine! Each time you think of this, the vision will increase…
Expand your horizons, trust your feelings, don’t pay attentions to doubt or worry or fear ….believe that the best outcome will occur for you!
11:11:11 is your unique light activation…hold your vibration centered in love, catch yourself drifting back to worry and turn those thoughts OFF!
Pay attention to what your body, mind & soul tells you! Do only what feels right to you!
Everyone will have this activation that speeds up time…& healing will become a large focus…
When you are asking for healing to take place, imagine the person, or people,animal or situation, and see them in perfect health …think of a rose bud…and see the rose bud uncurl,becoming a beautiful flower….use your mind to send this thought to the one needing healing…and it is done…
You can send the healing to masses of people, in the same way..
Much healing is already taking place, right now!
So dear ones, it is exciting now on Earth, & life will become easier!
Abundance that has been blocked for all of you,will begin to flow…
People who were once filled with hate, will begin to soften…
Some people may still choose to pass on now, so they can come back to Earth in a new body…
The younger ones, will begin to stand tall, and take their place in love & light..
Governments will begin to fall, and true colors will be shown..
Money will be re-distributed to all, so there is no hunger & suffering as this has been so needless!!….however, this still may take some time, but, it is underway now!
Keep dreaming big! Ground yourself in light! Open your heart and build your crystal cave!
Do not worry about fear based people-keep doing what is right for you!
Do not feel responsible for others!!
This draws energy and power from you!
Stand TRUE to who you are! If you do not know what your purpose is, or what you want, change this! & start doing what brings you happiness- know that you are already living your life purpose & feel light of Spirit!
Accept who you are, and stay in the vibration of limitlessness!
Do treat others how you would like to be treated & see how this can change the way others also treat each other…
Decide to be your own boss! Know that you are stronger than you think you are!
This is a grand time! Be happy you are here, for the World will be at peace, but it starts with you…
Keep lifting and asking for the Angels , Guides and the source of all God….You are always answered, and always loved…you are ALL Blessed!!!
With bright blessings & eternal love,

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“*Please feel free to copy or share the messages on this page as well as those that are archived as long as you mention this 
website and the source. Thank you for reading and believing in the Angels.  They are with you in every moment if you allow 
them in.

Angels’ Blessings,
Linayah Kei
*”~A Message from Archangel Metatron~                                                                  “**November 2012

*Dear Beloved Ones,

We come to you to bring joy, peace, love and hope to you. The time is nearing for everyone in all corners of the planet 
to get up, dust off your knees and stand tall in the joy of life and to see that there is a Light at the end of that proverbial

What is being called the Golden Age is here and you only have to open the door to allow it in. Are you ready? Are you 
willing to accept and allow what has been and is being promised of a newness that has never been experienced before?

Are you ready to stand tall in your new shoes and new clothing of love, abundance, prosperity, Oneness, peace and 
happiness? Are you willing to say yes to what you do not know the outcome or the answers to be?

If so, then you will be moving into the beginning of life that is how your heart has been desiring for so very long.

Beloveds, we have been telling you for quite some time about the changes that have, are and will occur upon your 
planet. We have been gently giving you nudges to move out of the old paradigms and into something that is hard to 
conceive; yet your inner wisdom and your heart knows is how you do want it to be.

We have been giving you hope and attempting to bring clarity to your questions and alleviate you fears of what is to 

Dear ones, there is no end to the world. There is only an end to the old ways that do not work and have not worked for 
way too long.

On the other side of this ending is life as it should be. Life that does not separate one from another, value one over 
another, and have boundaries and borders. This is the world that is coming as the old tired one exits.

It is now time to do as an animal does and shed the old coat and take on a brand new one. Put on your new coat and 
enjoy how it makes you feel. You deserve that new coat and you deserve to wear it in pride and happiness.

We also want to say to everyone that it is time to ‘Lighten up’. Enough of the doom and gloom, the judgments of others
and self, the fears of lack, of the future and in reality of life!

It is time to enjoy your life beloveds. Why do so many of you wallow in self-pity and that ‘woe is me’ attitude? Isn’t this 
becoming a bit tiresome? Would you not like to pull yourself out of that pity party and go to another party where 
everyone is having just plain ole fun?

You can move to the next party, the next stage of you life whenever you decide you are ready. As long as you are fearful 
of what will be at the other party, you cannot move on and will remain stuck until you are ready to let go of those old 

Those of you who have awakened to this and are embracing it by clearing out the remnants that are still hanging on and 
finding an understanding of who you truly are and what your importance is while seeing beyond the world in front of 
you, are ready to move on and we applaud you for we know it has not always been easy.

But like one who is on a treasure hunt seeking to find the hidden treasures, you have not given up because you know 
that the rewards and the treasures will be yours very soon. And they will. Many of you are already experiencing either a
small taste or a great big bite of the deliciousness that is available. Don’t give up beloveds and stay the course for it will
be what you have dreamed about and more. So many surprises will be yours.

For those who have not yet come to this place at this time, it is alright. You are in the perfect place and in the perfect 
timing. You are feeling there is something more to life as you have known it. You feel the need to explore and 
understand more. Beloveds you ARE in the process of beginning to awaken so be proud of yourselves and know that you 
are much further along than you realize. As long as you keep moving and flowing, even when it seems like it will take 
too long, you will get to your destiny and in fine timing.

We will not address those who are not aware yet and are mired in the muck in their lives here, for everyone who reads 
this is not in that space. You are reading this because you are aware, you are on your beautiful path and you are on the
way to glorious and amazing days to come. If you do not see this, do not worry. Trust that it is so.

Remember you have a very large team of beings of the Light who are here to assist you through all of this. We will help 
you when you stumble and we will guide you to the right places and right people that you need in your lives. You are 
never alone, not in any moment. Let go of thoughts that you must do it all by yourself. Let go of thoughts that struggle is 
just a way of life that you must experience. These are not your truth!

You are all incredible beings who are experiencing a life as a human. You have done this many times. This one is the 
best yet, beloveds, for you are now on a journey like one you have never experienced. All those other lifetimes were 
there to prepare you to come now and be a part of the evolution and change of humankind as has never been known 

See your value. Know your Godliness. Know you are One with all of Creation. Know your perfection and wholeness. 
When you acknowledge and embrace this you will find peace. Love yourself beloved ones for you are worthy of that love.

Stay centered and do not allow distractions of the outer world to hold you back. Stay strong in your truth and be 
authentic in all you do and say. Each of you are powerful and have an incredible amount of wisdom that is still untapped 
or yet to be recalled. It will all be returning into your awareness when the time is appropriate.

We say to you beloveds, relax and have fun! Enjoy this journey you are on and be grateful for everything that you have, 
you are and that you do. Love yourself beyond anything. Let go of self-judgment, self-blame and unforgiveness of 
yourself. Let go of the past now! When you do, things will become much smoother. This we promise you.

You are loved much more than you can know. You are valued much more than you think. You are worthy much more 
than your old beliefs allow you to know.

It is time to let those outdated beliefs go. Out with the old and in with the new. The sooner you clean the attic the more
room you will have to bring in the new. Clean you house now and remove all that no longer is needed. It is time to get 
the brooms out and sweep away the cobwebs that are cluttering your life. Do this beloveds and you will not be 
disappointed. We can assure this for you.

You are all shining stars in a Universe that has infinite supply. Let your Light shine dear ones and let it shine brightly 
instead of hiding it. When all of you sparkle together like on a clear night the world will be a better place. Your star 
essence is important in the whole picture. Each of you is a piece of the puzzle that is needed to complete the picture. You 
are a vital part of that picture. Shine and twinkle dear stars and light up the Universe. We are in gratitude to you.

Blessings and love,

Transmitted Through Ronna Herman, LM-11-2012

Your encodings of awareness are constantly being modified by your positive or negative thoughts, intentions and actions. You are being presented with tests of tolerance, benevolence, humility and patience, and your cultural views are being challenged as well. Each and every day the seed thoughts, which contain the negative frequency patterns of these aspects, will shrivel and disappear when you stop feeding them energy.

We have taught you to become “a living meditation” whereby you are able to function efficiently in your earthly environment while maintaining a balanced Alpha State of consciousness. The next step is to endeavor to live in a constant state of joy and gratitude, thereby becoming a “living prayer.” As you become more proficient as cocreators on the earthly plane, you must constantly monitor your energy patterns and seek to upgrade them. You must strive for sustained harmony and refined godly expression. You must liberate the power of the Sacred Fire within which, for most, has lain dormant for many thousands of years. You must learn to direct and focus your energy into the areas of your life you wish to change. By establishing and constantly upgrading your Creator Wheel of Life, you are planting the seeds of focused change, and you will be supplied with the Sacred Fire of Creation needed to manifest what you have envisioned. Your major goal must be to gain Self-Mastery while in the physical vessel. When your endeavors are directed toward the highest good for all humankind, a special dispensation is given, and a greater measure of Creator Light will be made available to you.


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