Live in the present moment wisely and earnestly

tonight these 2 make me cry

Tonight, reading these 2 got tearing almost instantly. My mind knows not why. My being, my body, my heart know so well.

Loving Your Life
Greetings Star Family, this is P’taah
You know I hear you, I hear your words and I hear your heart. And sometimes what I hear is confusing to me. But then I sit and listen and I process your duality and then your words and feelings become clearer. Your words say you want to come home, you are tired of duality, and bringing unity to the planet was harder than you thought. And you say, I have done my work and I am ready to go. Come and get me. Please.
And then I hear your heart and your heart wants to stay. Your heart wants to love yourself more, love humanity more and love the Earth more. So I say in reply to your calls, what does your heart feel like doing? And you struggle a bit and then smile and say to Spirit, “Yes, I will stay.” And I hear you thinking, whenever the Ascension comes for me, that is my time. I will do my best not to wait every day for the Ascension. I will live more fully and in a love for everyday life and the experience of it all.
This is P’taahLike
Dancing with Your Inner Sun: Building Illumination (Archangel Michael

this is in fact the 2nd time reading AAM’s November message. Few nights ago, it was ahhhhh. Tonight I cry.


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