Live in the present moment wisely and earnestly

Travel – my current 2 for different reason and…

Travel – my current 2 for different reason and… purpose.

First one to New Zealand : role or job as daughter to bring mom out. I am so glad that she finally sweeps off worry and agrees (actually she did not say yes. It is in the form of not objecting or giving conditions ;D haha my mum).

Please dearest God, dearest Universe, dearest Kwan Yin, blessed the trip safe, smooth and joyful 🙂

Next trip to dearest Australia, with Tasmania as main destination, a personal retreat:
to find me
to clear me of what no longer serve me
to connect with inner me and higher me
to be near to nature
to connect with more awareness with Mother Gaia
to ground better to grow and lead to creations that bring joy and fulfilment to me and higher good to one and all
to face me
to hear my heart, know my truest joyful desire, and be clearer of my path
practise trust, faith, 6 senses
seek knowledge, truth, wisdom
balance the 4 parts of me
be closer as one with higher self, with source
to learn and practise living life with ease, joy and love
quiet my heart, mind, be still and listen
EMPTY MY VESSEL to fill with what are updated and important for growth in the New Age
still it is first clear

I am not sure exactly what is ahead. I just trust the loving Universe, loving God guide me to next phase of advancement, to love, to Truth, to more insyncness to be the authentic me
Lead me to harmony, peace and positive shift

I share honestly and earnestly 🙂


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