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Dreamt last night: School

Dreamt last night: Travelling with mum, aunt and cousin shuet lian. We were in some angmo country. The part i remember most vivdly was my and i sat on a bus and pass by a subsidiary school-house that says in huge words for the 9MONTHS OLD to learn whatt they need do. I was, in the dream, charmed, surprised and felt it was so right to start young.

The bus travelled past some busy shops, chinese and should be si chuan tidbit stuff, brightly lit orangy lamps, bustling with customers, very different from the quiet streets. When my bus arrived at stop to meeet aunt and shuetlian, i was whether they would like to get around there? I wanted to talk the education full scale school principal but she appeared busy. The school is filled animals, especially birds naturally making the surrounding trees their chirping places and home. I mentioned to my mum I want to create a school like this meaning a place wherre STUDENTS LEARN NATURALLY THROUGH TAKING CARE OF ANIMALS and OBSERVING LIFE

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