Live in the present moment wisely and earnestly

time flies . . .

Time flies, it is 21/12/12, the day i long awaited for. I was looking forward to new surge of energy, to discovering a new me, into a new path, perhaps miraculously trannsformed even!

It has not happened the way I for weeks, even subconsciously in my mind, pictured to be : I would have flown off, backpacking, doing my soul search, retreat to my inner self, meet new inspiring people, wishing for a leap in my development (Haha I actually like to think evolution, but the word seems too huge).

Nop. Just 2 days ago, I amm thankful to Tissa allowing and guided me to almost like lamenting I am still in Singapore. I am the very cause in stopping myself from the trip.

And after the late morning of pouring of blurry pent up emotions, I decided to stay put in Singapore happily since it does not make sense to rush to original plan – the Tasmania Vortex Healing Centre gathering with Quan Yin! SIGH! I will have think of a way of doing so in Singapore ; /

There IS still a surge of energy – I was very much LOST, not functioning, running my life LESS than 50% of what I used to be capable of – this week, other than getting addicted to silly cyber phone diamond game, my energy, I can feel is returning – getting moments of angry again, that’s a sign of having energy AND I am questioning, semi counselling me-self, AND I am packing my home space (limiting quuite well to the space I am allowed to) and last night (20th), even venture to mum’s fabric.

It is already 21st, I have not 360 degree transformed – BUT, I am pretty sure, this is a almost permanent spiral upwards progress =D I HAVE A LOT TO CATCH UP and I WILL, I SHALL – it sems to have to do with cyber link to liveliood! Now, I have the notion to live life well through this physical, which I have very ignored and has funny notion this physical temple isn’t important :/, NOW the message has been conveyed in a hinting manner that I am conscious of being in SELF MASTERY PHASE – balance and integrate SOUL/SPIRIT-MIND-HEART and PHYSICAL BODY.

Back aching and me wanting another try in town clearing my living space – about physical self.

Can I live life without worrying right or wrong? instead according to the one universal self! And according to LOVE of God.;-)



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