Live in the present moment wisely and earnestly

One thing at a time … at least conscious and keeping one key thing going at a time

One thing at a time … at least conscious and keeping one key thing going at a time



(Taking more than 40 years to come to this rule/guiding notion, consciously 20 over years to decide making life function this way. Suddenly a thought came: it isn’t just physical life daily or life purpose tasks, even spiritual life, and perhaps all the more in the higher dimension where instant manifestation takes place, AS the mind has to be clear of what the manifestation is, exactly how it is, SO clear focus and the clarity will be SO IMPORTANT. )

Statement from old friend ast week shed lot of bell knocking light on me. The good old, but sometimes too blatant and bias, friend willingly took my collection/clutter (haha there seem to be a fine line) away to his warehouse for half a year, and from the collection of books I happily invited him to go through especially a bag of book, as I feel they are good stuff to share. Days later he share: I am surprised that this little brain of yours is interested with such variety of subjects and they are not simple stuff, each quite complex in their fields. He added: “No wonder you are the way you with so much questions.”

NOW that I no longer want to my life to be ruled by others, as it will be in sychronity with I really am, I am finding it hard to complete stuff. No wonder, I used to follow the rules, the structure, the time table lay down by other, working in school, studying in schools and NIE, whether I enjoy the tasks/activities, I am given time slots, deadlines to complete them.

NOW, I want to be my own boss, loosening the grip from the external force/organisation/system, and WANTING A LOT to carry out what I want – I realise, there are TOO MANY stuff. As usual from young, I KNOW MY BIG DIRECTION, but difficult on the specific points/milestone to achieve. Then too many thoughts, too many wants (Lee laoshi has constantly reminded me this) and I become handicap!

(As usual my opening, explanation to the key things I want to write is so long!)

(With this thought, I drift away to look for a writing club – may be in a group I can get answers, since I am unlikely to find A teacher. Where to find a class to teach you WRITE WHAT YOU WANT TO WRITE?! Dear Universe, is there? And I can come upon it for my next phase of growth??

[[When posting this write-up, this was written on wordpress:

The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe. Gustave Flaubert”

So well said, just how I feel 🙂  )

One (key) thing at a time is the solution for now

So some rules to help me to carry this out:

1) Identify the key thing/task

– even if I have to write all the popping ideas and jobs on my mind out, after that, just SELECT ONE  (for the day, for the period) For now work on the night before or early in the morning fix on one for the day

2) Give a TIME: deadline, duration


3) Write out end point: the sort of outcome considered can close case

– most of the time, this should be what need to be achieved – the effect of reach, the look of it. this can also be giving the deadline – does not matter what is reached/achieved, it should be case close time. (Dearest San, unless this is so important to keep going at it, otherwise, how to truly have adventure and try other NEW stuff, right?)

By good chance, chance upon website, I am not going into the variety of challenges yet. The website has reminded me of setting a time in consciously practising this – Daily nonstop for 3 months till end of March, perhaps with the exception of when travelling. Travel time may need some twitching, like  prominent  tasks over 2-3 days?

😀 I am happy that I completed this piece of writing and it is also a goal/target setting, not a cut and paste piece 😀 This is like the ONE TASK TODAY and include I am going to have some fun – Thanks to cousin, we shall be going out for a while. Ahhhhh happy relieve sigh that today is some what a balance day.


How interesting and almost timely: Spoke to Wai Hong.

Not only tomorrow can try this out with him around (tomorrow the one task is 1) sort and clear the photos 2) By afternoon 3) 2 end points i) get the “closure part” ii) sort out the grouping: want / not sure / File, Frame / not FF

I am likely to go to his place and share my de-clutter method

We shall make improvement in our space/work organisation! A positive forward leap shall take place 😀 !!!

(Dearest guides, please step in to help us in whatever way needed!)


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