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Ideas are popping up and I thought blog in specific purpose blog?

Finally, on my curiousity on other blogs options.

I think I find this article, I pick as number one :), by Dave Drager who works at Razor Servers in Philadelphia. 

 Article wrote at beginning 2011.

Handsome gentleman 😉

In this article, he gives a page example pic of each site  and reviews. I appreciate his advice on “which blogging service is for you?

As with many things in life, it depends on your personal tastes. Check out each site to see how it meshes with your personal style and how frequently you want to blog.

For ease of use, I think Posterous or Tumblr win.

For short messages, Twitter is great.”

(Haha, Me? Twitter will probably not work for me – sighhhhh not sure why, I am just too wordy. I am even colour coding or bolding key thoughts sometimes, and leave secondary or I say by-product thoughts in less lighter colour etc so, if there is really any readers, they can zoom on key thoughts.)

True enough, as confirms for me, WordPress and Blogger  are two big blog sites players. 

The other 5 sites Tumblr (I just went in because of “Mr” Edward gave me the link where he kept his creative pro photos 🙂 ) , Posterous, Twitter, Xanga and Weebly. I think all web-based and FREE 😉 !

1) Tumblr

best blog sites

“photo blogging” and its sense of community ( similar to Facebook in reblogging) Can import blog posts from other services including Twitter, RSS feeds, AOL Instant Messenger


2) Posterous

free blog sites

 “Microblogging” service like Tumblr, but no “reblog”. Posts can be imported from other sources and be “sent out” to Facebook and Twitter.



free blogging sites

Interesting that my students ask me to twitter, but for some reason, I just haven’t.

Now I know,it allows one to write your thoughts in 140 characters or less. Hmmm “Twitter is actually a great way to communicate with others.” Wonder when I try this?!



free blog sites

I have come across this one before!



best blog sites

This is new to me!

Wow. It is ad-free. (hmmm isn’t my wordpress also ad-free?)


 From, at the end of the article I found this name, Jason Fitzpatrick. I assume this is the article writer. He added one more site , SquareSpace.


SquareSpace (Web-Based, From $8 per month)

Five Best Blogging Platforms
Commercial blogging platform .


Another article I have found but dated 2010,, has introduced 10 sites. And guess what No.1 and No. 2 WordPress and Blogger (google) respectively!


Haha after this looking around, I guess for ease of the name (No offence, I guess it is my issue, but I just seem to have difficulty connecting blog site to .Posterous.something) and ease of familarity, I will stick with wordpress. Only if I can figure out how to do pages clearly.


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