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Ideas are popping up and I thought blog in specific purpose blog?

Ideas are popping up and I thought blog in specific purpose blog? Especially now I have made on leave from work happened 🙂 at the expense of no fix income, it is no pay leave. Well, I appreciate the company, for various reasons, did not want to resign. ( I was so stressed upor I should say clutteres that I could not find clarity that resigning was a choice I almost intended to)


There has always been the thought for the past few months on: We Are What We Eat. There will definitely be collection of information on this. Already I seem to be starting bit by bit practising eating according my blood group. Boon Hui mentioned about this to me … in the mid 90’s when he was reading the book. Till now I have not gotten a copy of this book. However, lately I have been getting info through curezone – clear table format of what beneficial and to be avoided by each blood group. Well, acquisition of knowledge and its application may change with new findings. For now, this eating according to one’s blood group feels right for me.


I have been practising almost no-meat diet for 2 years. It is time to take this to the next phase of not just simply eat what is available, but I believe we should eat right, put in what our body really needs, not just out of convenience or the new decades develope norms. The processed food is such a acceptable and even feels right thing, but looking at the labels – artificial chemicals!!!!! This natural body, I don’t think, is meant to consume chemicals that before cook, bake, can, pack, are just liquids, powders!!!!! A sane person when seeing the food original form would not have taken these!!!! Preservatives! Stabilisers! What has the world become?! What have we allowed ourselves to become!!! Doing things just simply mindlessly – our minds, our conscience, our intelligience are given to us, to be better than this. In other words, these words, thoughts or feelings just come to me: We are supposed to be truly happy.

It is a general practice for myself nowadays – start small, start with one thing, start with what I can, and not get overly overwhelmed and become actually paralyse. This healthyeating lifestyle is something I will adopt gradually, not shocking me-self. And yes, I want to SHARE! I want to journal/record bits and pieces of the interesting information I never realise is out there as I allow myself swarm , off balance by work! (Not that I regret … because at that time I really enjoy working and … actually I still do. The only difference is 🙂 I am learning to truly relax, accepting it is ok to do nothing at times, and I have started enjoying enjoying myself 🙂  


First the record (why record I ask myself? it is like the right thing to do, you know what I mean – the record when look back, will be like a report of what i do with my life, it shows a journey, even if a simple one, 🙂 one that I, with pure intention, want to live earnestly, consciously)  and the sharing needsa place?! I have started feeling for quite q while, I can’t keep dumping everything into this alwaysadvancing blog! This segment of information deserves a place on its own. So, I will be thinking of a right name … and I even juggle the idea of checking out other  blog sites hmmm (Oops sorry wordpress. NOt that I am betraying you. It’s part of exploration ;o you know what I mean? I won’t be surprise that I may just come back to you 🙂 )


Next, these are the possible topics I will likely go into, for the purpose of looking at what, even if just my subjectivity, are relevant to us – the humans on this mother earth:

1) What Are We Eat (Definitely! A lot to cover from one should consider eating based on one’s unique structure, blood group … to Let’s Live Happily with the Animals and Do Not Need to Eat Them, Be Vegan, Be Vegetarian?! to eating what is natural for our being.)

2) Natural Products (meaning knowing what is the first place we have put into our processed food past 5 decades and we have accepted it is ok without even reading the labels. People especially the top creating them, making money from the products will not tell you, tell us! It is our OWN responsibility for our lives and our children, the future ones to come. The terms in can food, packed instant food to shampoo, washing liquid … what we consume into the body(imagine the daily bits of toothpaste!), put on our body (makeup, moisturiser) … 

3) Education is something, a topic I do not know wwhere to start, but somehow it seems dear to my heart? my being? because I get all worked up touching on this topic and I can’t explain. More so, I feel vulnerable sighhhhhhhhh (I do not know why EDUCATION is just something constantly on my mind. It is just a huge mega chunk that to be a truly educator, honestly,right now, I do not know how. I look around at institutions, academic schools, enrichment ones, religious ones … none is exactly what … align with something nagging in me. I seem to want something really holistic sighhhhhhh. ) This site will take a while …

4) What else? Haha looking at the variety of information I have pasted in the past interesting information and my own thoughts, feelings, experience hmmmnot sure how to start on this. For now, these just go into here alwaysadvancing, bits and parts of my path or stages of advancing 🙂

5) People – my students (not sure how ex, they will be?), their works that I feel swarmed by, bring smiles and lots of practical records, but I don’t really know if should really get into this chunk.My heart wants … but my action isn’t, like it could be a waster of time???!!! I don’t even know where this is coming from?!

Back to the advice or advices:

1) Start with one thing at a time

2) Reduce to just 3 ideas, and start with one 

Now, let’s look at other options of blogs. Start in a new post 🙂


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