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Trigger by Captain Miller’s 1 Paragraph

Trigger by Captain Miller’s 1 Paragraph:

“The vessel is not going anyplace, but aboard never changes cooking, cleaning and sleeping. We still need to deal with the everyday problems of being on board, even though the shore is only 50m away. We are surrounded by fishing boats, lots of coming and going.”

Version 1

I am taking a break, need not do the stuff I do not believe at work, but when I get back, how much can change? The environment will still be the same, and surely expects me to perform stuff I do not agree. How am I to deal with this? We can’t change the world – it is not so fair for them as they have gotten so used to the ways and habits, even if I disagree with these ways and habits. So, I am the one to change and yet still be me …hmmm

It is easier to be align with myself on my own, finding the environment that … has more like-minded ones helps too.
Going back means surrounded by the same old mindsets, patterns … hmmm And how these to be dealt in a different light hmm
Version 2
I am going away for a while, leaving the routine teaching, scolding … for a while. I am to change but the expectations from school, I guess, never change, at least for a long while. It changes too slowly for the waves of the new generations. I need not deal with those problems, nor face them at all for a while. It is just weeksss away to be back surrounded by the very causes, mindsets, patterns to lead me away now.
Change is to happened. Not for me to request them. Neither do they can request from me. It is me that want the change – a slant of how to look at the issues, at the environment, and taking a shift in my actions and management hmmm A change is to take pace yet able to still be me, the core me, the essence that has always been me isn’t (going to change). How? How is this going to take place? I wonder how.
I have only emailed the bold papragraph in my reply to his email. Not the rest. Already for a 2nd email, I think I am … too bold in revealing the silliness in me.

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  1. * rebecca2000 says:

    Hey, I answered you as soon as you posted a comment but you haven’t replied back. Wanted you to know in case you haven’t seen.


    | Reply Posted 5 years, 1 month ago
    • * alwaysadvancing says:

      Technology! You remind me here, and I get to know on my email 🙂

      | Reply Posted 5 years, 1 month ago
      • * rebecca2000 says:

        Yep, it is cool.

        Posted 5 years, 1 month ago

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