Live in the present moment wisely and earnestly

I like this definition of “Spirituality” / Life is a Game?

I like this definition of “Spirituality”:

Spirituality is not about what is good or bad, what is dirty or pure. Spirituality is about growth and truth and raising your vibration. It’s about finding out what is the deepest truth of your soul and expressing it.

As for this statement

Life is a game. Don’t make it anything more than that. Just take it for what it is and enjoy.”

I am still … getting use to it. For the longest time I know of myself, I may find Life is a Joke, Life has meaning, The meaning is up to us to define it, it takes Courage and Willingness to create a Life that is Meaningful, has the Strength to Live by one’s chosen Meaning.

Having one, in a conventional society having the norms so-called playing safe,  to perhaps thinking of leading an exceptional meaningful life is even best left this path to others to avoid the difficulty, even thinking of having meaning in life is … a waste of time? is unnecessary? is a impractical dream?  

I have always thought Life is suppose to be hardwork, Life should be treated seriously, Life is meant to be lived earnestly and truthfully. All these definitions seem to be the very opposite of Life is a Game?! Life should not be treated as a frivolous game!!!

Recently, since the beginning of half a year ago, I was given this new notion: Life is a game. And I went “Huh! What do you mean life is a game? We are not suppose to take it seriously??!!” This is so opposite to what I had been believing!!!!!

Now, it is re-caliberating. I may not be convinced totally that Life is simply a game, at least I no longer find the whole notion a conflicting thing to me. Perhaps, Life is a Game … but this doesn’t mean a game is to be taken lightly, not seriously. This Game can and perhaps should be treated earnestly and truthfully. I guess Life is a Game that we need not take it so seriously, but neither lightly if we truly want to LIVE it : ) hmmmmm

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