Live in the present moment wisely and earnestly

Pragmatic (1)

” Does this question help to save the world?”

“Does this help to pay the bills?”


Interesting that the universe has arranged me to meet the most pragmatic person in my life so far. I guess, when I learn this lesson and balance my extreme being of worrying about things beyond my scope, I will unlikely meet another pragmatic soul of such intensity.


Sometimes, Life arranged us to meet someone that passes through our lives, so brief and yet impactful. This is definitely one such person. I smile and I frown at the same time. Getting so challenge out of the comfort zone, it is like downloading a notion that has not been wired in my programming IS a frowning experience. Yet, ultimately, I am glad if I can take on this well, I seem to be moving on to to another step (may be steps)  of growth.   I am SO THANKFUL that at this phase, I am learning better to pick and focus on the goodness and positivity an event brings to us.


(My learning of seeing the half cup full used to be just on mood. rather settle on choosing feeling good than grouchy, moody, and choose to stay positive rather than negative. This time, it is consciously seeing the effects and influence of people on us – it may not appear positive first, it may be felt as hurt first – but – we can choose to see the ultimately goodness, or focus on the goodness.

Funny that I suddenly feel Life has always been good. It is like the so-called negative things have to happened so that we learn to appreciate the positive, and to get us growing.

If this is the case, it is almost like, whatever happens does not really matter. It seems what is important is ACCEPTANCE and know how to move on graciously and positively. Sure enough, there will be shit created, then it is having to put some effort into clearing the shit. It does not have to be a big deal, does it? hmmm)


His pragmatic perception of life …

“We are all on our own.” “No one need to / will (?) help (?) us.”

Sounds so cold – yet there is some truth in it. Yet, I choose not to buy this whole sale.


“When people does something, there is always some gain they get out of it.”

Even if this sounds factually right. I think it is the intention behind it. I mean we cannot expect others to be so full on compassionate to just simply do good deeds etc, but we need not be so ourselves?


Besides pragmatic, this is also one of the most intelligent persons I have ever met.  I am left with not a single ground, actually inch to hold my eensy weensy bit of stand. Wow and well, I can actually respect such a self-righteous person!!! That’s darn rare! I respect but this does not mean  I have to buy his views and ways whole sale.


Simple conclusion: Thank you – you and definitely this universe with unexplanabe intelligence . My mindset and inclination are shifting – Look more on basic skills now, HONE THEM, if not everything quickly, one by one – because I do want to achieve and manifest. It will be fun : ) to find out how much I can learn about this hmmm 3D physical and make things happened 🙂 YES!

Another conclusion: Pragmatic, Intelligent, Down to Earth, So Self-righteous one – you are one the very few that my being feels with thoughts to speak to you, though now, I can see and feel, those few sessions , in-depth chat, may no longer serve further purpose or propelling act. What need to be shared and spoken, is done. Sad? Yes and No, this is how it is. Why is it so? We have each more or less completed our tasks.

For me, I guess being nostalgic, and I have been told (haha by horoscope, something you frown upon) loyalty is part of me, so I do not forget goodness. You are someone – my being trusts you, and strangely feel comfortable with you. (Well, learning and picking up on living life not burden by carrying so much, perhaps so-called being more pragmatic – this holding on of the memory will somewhat fade – not necessary a bad thing, as feeling comes with weight, feeling comes with attachment)

Hmm like many of the people that passed by my life in that swift moments, and some so quickly that I am not even sure of their names, you have become part of my life – even from a far distance.


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