Live in the present moment wisely and earnestly

An extra target of post – Gloria Steinem’s saying ;) Haha

While uploading the “Guilt” (discovered along the writing issue/feeling) post, I was amuse to be randomly given Gloria Steinem’s

I do not like to write I like to have written Gloria Steinem

I do not like to write – I like to have written.”

Oh, how timely – just after I was trying to express SO MANY THOUGHTS but no time to catch them, deliver them on paper (actually cyber text box :O) and I actually feel guilty, Yikes.

You know what? I wish there is a devise – not even those recording devices what I read aloud to and it shall have the read words/sentences type out (they already have something like this but apparently a friend who have tried this software mentioned it may not “hear” one’s words well and mis-type?!)

Of course, there is already the mind reading and type out machine (the commonly seen one used by Stephen Hawking) – yes, something like this, nut smaller, handier, friendlier

A device which I can carry around easily, turn on and command record my busy popping thoughts and I can have a portable screen (like iphone size, samsung note S2 or S3 size) and check it along the way. Think to make it make paragraphs, Think to copy, delete and paste … Yahooooooo and Wowwww

Hmmm Does this or Will this really solve my problem?! :O  ???



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