Live in the present moment wisely and earnestly

GUILT / How you Bloggers do it? Or HOW do those of you have Multiple Thoughts coming through and not get bog down?!

It ‘s March! It feels like it is a start of Spring – well, living in the tropics, visually the four seasons are not obvious, no snow, no sudden flourishing of budding flowers or changing hues of greens here. It just feels like the loveliest start of SPRING 🙂

I am glad I am sitting in front of the computer and knowing the writing I want to get across today – 2 pieces of writing (which include this one – Plea for answer – SOME ONE GIVE ME ADVCE!) .

Since coming 2 weeks or more, there has not been a single post up on my dear “Live in the Present …/AlwaysAdvancing” wordpress blog – messy it may be, but I am glad and even proud of myself not being too judgemental and have kept it going. And I know my thoughts, my words will just get clearer and I will give them the place to be shared 🙂

Actually during this period of time, there are 2 incomplete drafts sitting in the Draft. And at least half a dozen ideas, almost rampant thoughts that were forming in minutes after minutes of paragraphs in my head – BUT I WASN’T in front of the computer!

These thoughts are still there. Again BUT before I can get these out, new ones wanna get out!

I know – PRIORITY – write what is most important first. I always say if we were to give others advice, it is easy – WE KNOW almost EXACTLY WHAT TO DO. I try to advise myself, it still feels hard.

Okay! ONE, it is tough to juggle and know which thoughts wo put down first. And somehow those not put down yet, I actually FEEL GUILTY, like I have wrong those others (thoughts)  who enthusiatically form into almost complete speeches ?!

Gosh! I feel guilty to my own thoughts – it is like they have a right and must be put out in physical forms to meet the world?!

TWO, the time to sit in front of the computer! I have an andriod phone since end of last year – It helps to get some thoughts out (minus places with bad reception and minus typing on andriod has limitations).

Oh there’s a THREE, I can break this point out from TWO.

THREE, when I spend time typing my thoughts, I may get carried away and oops feel guilty that there are real physical things in the world , like having a peaceful, truly give attention meal with parents, doing some necessary house chores, doing creative 3-dimensional creative work, working towards career, or even simply have time to rest, and most of all spending time with Nature …

Guilt! At first, I thought before I started penning (actually typing), it is an issue of PRIORITY, IMPATIENCE and … Discipline?! Never did I realise underneath all this lies the strange guilt!!!

Looking at the Tags next (in andriod, it will position below) to this growing text box, I ALSO FEEL GUILTY not having tags for all articles?!

Boy! I have to add “Guilt” in front of the initially already long Subject heading.

Hmmm it seems this is not something I can figure out solutions/resolution by the end of this typing. 🙂 At least , this my start of blog in the start of my SPRING MARCH =D



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