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Let’s forget about the blogsite comparison. Let’s discover 750-Words-A-Day ! / LIVE LIFE

Let’s forget about the blogsite comparison. Let’s discover 750-Words-A-Day !


A week ago, I went to a new gathering to find out for the first time what Quantified Self was. Interesting timing was: I was walking to locate the neeting venue and spent time thinking to myself (actually mildly scolding myself): I need to write! Need to write more! Download, Offload whatever this is called. Organise my thoughts, all the stuff running in my head! I have given myself a vacation from the usual morning to night work for the month odd and it is still difficult to make writing a … daily, frequent , perhaps even a disciplined thing! “HOW?” I asked out aloud in my mind!

Then at the end of the gathering, interesting to me but quite off my usual familiar people from the education industry, here are many focussed gadget, programme designer IT specialists! They are keen in using gadgets to quantify stuff , designing gadgets that can help layman to quantify Health and be motivated in this! Wow to me. I wonder hmmm what is exactly my takeaway, yes, there focussed, willing to explore, using failures as part and parcel of learning the lessons spirit! I feel the vibes of curiousity, motivating spirit to learn and in fact share and the spirit of persistence and always looking for solution spirit – just in the air!

Still, is there more concrete takeaway for me?

Just as I was about to leave after the sharing by 3 professionals, I was about to reach the exit door a metre away, I spoke to the organiser’s, Ciaran’s wife. The chat from she is not exactly part of this gang either, to what she observed they were doing, to education, than she introduced “750 words A Day” practice! Then Kong and Ciaran added more.

This is how I first ever come to know about this! There is a website on this and it is a frequent writer’s practice, just WRITE for about 3 pages every day/morning, just let thoughts run through or out. Along the way, something from the flow-style of writing … kind of get caught or developed into something more specific or finding the very idea needed to be explored further, I guess 😀

750 words – I have just typed 370-ish words Hmmmmm

Next on my mind is HOW TO JUGGLE TIME doing this and while “growing” my info ffload/download/explore blogs?! And juggle PHYSICAL FITNESS, REST and soon WORK which I am getting back in 2 weeks’ time?!

May be I need not be rigid?!

For now – Let’s work on : WAKE UP EARLY. SPRING OFF BED and short meditation and EXERCISE even for 15 minutes. Then WRITE! Let’s start with 300 words, 1 short page for early morning rush preparation. Because even so, let’s calculate …

Wake up may still laze for 5min

Meditate 10min max fr morning

Exercise 15min

Write 10-20min (No way 5min, even start on computer and internet router take a while) 

Then clean up/change for Work! Quickest 10min. Honestly best with 20min.

And I need to be at work 7am

I like to pick up discipline (Help me Gabriel and Michael) not take cabs, take the public transport – At least 30min and making sure out of the house get to the busstop!!!!! (The other semi ideal is depending on others get a lift hmmm, then can reduce the bus waiting time hmmmmm)

5+10+average 15+average 15 + 30 = 1 hour 15 min MEANING I have to get up latest 5:45am (this exclude prep for breakfast which I like to start going for Nutritious Smoothie, may be my early lark Dad can help and I or Mom can get all the needed fruits etc over weekends hmmmm)


Waking up at 5:30am is workable hmmmm 🙂

LIVE LIFE, San! You have this life once now – It is worth a GOOD TRY!



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