Live in the present moment wisely and earnestly

How achieve the TIME MANAGEMENT, THE PRIORTISING? Still a question without answer/solution yet

I have stated yesterday the ideal rundown things to do. I woke up real early today, well disturbed by a phone call at 4am ( :O !!!!!!???  ). Felt impelled to reply some mails before my flying off to Bhutan this evening.

Still, I switched on the computer at 7am (considering that I am still on vacation, I just pushed everything an hour later, from the intended 6am-ish), I DID OTHER STUFF THAN WRITING HERE till now3 hours later.

This is the very problem I have – DISTRACTED. I think this is the very term. I just do not follow even my schedule listed. The schedule if followed should allow me to get a lot more done and be calmer with the quiet time, the clarity I can develop, maintain the positive strong mindset!

HOW? HOW? HOW? How can I overcome this, shift out of the target achieve … not quite effective stage? For me who in my heart that desires MORE, I have to do something about this!




For now till next week’s Friday, even if I can’t get online, I have task myself to WRITE EVERYDAY – does not matter it is 100 words or 750 words – EVERYDAY!

Let’s see what the experience is like 🙂


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