Live in the present moment wisely and earnestly

A reminder receive today on my “Temple”

Came upon this 🙂  Let this be a reminder again. It feels like as we move on in Life, we keep COLLECTING – things, material, immaterial, memories, thoughts, beliefs, sensations, emotions … what is so simple to enjoy and bathe in unconditional love becomes harder, becomes cluttered … SO CLEARING IS SO IMPORTANT – clearing the physical space, the home, the drawers, the corners … as well as our mind, our heart, our cellular memories …


Here’s the reminder from Tom below:



Basically, everything is energy with a certain
vibration and frequency. When we are born,
all of our systems, organs and energy fields
vibrate at the level of unconditional love which
is optimal for physical health and well-being.

After birth, even in the conceiving phase,we
begin to absorb the negative beliefs of our
family and society and to block the natural
flow of emotions through our consciousness.

This creates an imbalance in our energy fields
and their frequency or vibration level drops
and eventually this creates physical problems,
disease, stress and discomfort.

While most of Western science focuses on
the symptoms or effects of energetic imbalances,
energy healing addresses the root cause of disease,
stress and discomfort. Often it is quicker to clear
things energetically than through more traditional
healing modalities.

Only if you are not ‘sick’ in medical terms,
clearing out negativity on all levels and boosting
your inner potential means that your are preparing…



From Tom,,


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