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I learnt about them but did not know there’s …

I learnt about them but did not know there’s a hierarchy.

I guess this explains again why it was difficult for me to choose a religion during my teenage years. I knew I believe in a higher power, a cosmic universal intelligence but choosing a religion was always tough. My mind, especially my heart just could not.

Now, I explain this as: Every religion could be a segment to the whole picture, or may be better said instead of a segment, each religion contains the truth, yet at the time, at the place, to the different level of people, a part of the truth needs to be emphasized at that point.

So perhaps to see, to understand the whole truth, we may have to move beyond one teaching with an open mind and heart. Most of all, listen to our individual heart, as, perhaps we do not need all the teachings, the steps to work for us, according to our individuality, we need to focus on certain aspect(s) at the time of our development/evolution and still holding and feeling the whole truth. Because sometimes when focusing on one area too much and start thinking or expecting that is the only way or truth, we become tunnel vision and forget the whole big picture.

Life is so HUGE that, I guess, it always encompasses more than what we can imagine. Ultimately, Life is meant to be Beautiful, Peaceful and Blissful.

I guess it doesn’t matter seeing from which religion point of view, even including modern Science – Life begins with LOVE – the marrying of acceptance and allowing the change, the shift magically work on us AND WE KNOW – as in that moment, we know, our heart, our being expands, we seem to merge into this greater picture, whether it is the moment with the special love one or just standing still in the magnificent awesomeness of nature.

Love is the Answer. Love creates. Love forgives. Love is Joy, Hope … and why do I say Love is the Future? This I do not know – the words “Love” “Future” just pop together hmmm

(Wow, thank you to my thoughts, words – what was written above, I did not know they were coming. All I knew at first I like to record down the heirarchy found – as these are people, some I knew more, I know I respect 🙂 )



By the way, this is from 🙂

Again, thanks Tom, fellow traveller 🙂


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