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Exploring how to create video blog, especially multiple stream ones hmmm

Nicheonemedia actually commented Youtube is one of the best blogs 🙂 It is a pity the video quality of

How To Set Up a WordPress Video Blog

(about 4 min)

is kind of blur to see clearly the details, but it gives a gist of how simple it can be to post youtube video through youtube available function to the wordpress blog.

(I need to see the video another time to understand how. Meanwhile I think I’ll just move on …)


MelissaJenna shares great tips on The 4 Elementsof Great Video Blogs 

(about 7 min)

I feel she shares really useful stuff especially for a person like me is technically clueless of video blogging. It is pretty true that video blogging is just like writing – having whothe audience in mind!

(Believe it or not, I still haven’t tried twitter and still haven’t quite figure the purpose of it. All I know that I am told twitter is a great way to spread news, short stuff really easily and quickly?! hmmm)

(Haha can’t help it but wanna comment this: MelissaJenna looks good in the almost chrome yellow top 🙂 Think the colour compliment her skin tone and hair colour ;D

And she’s very natural in her delivery – just as she said treat as if speaking to camera like speaking to people one already knows 😉  )


James A. Donnelly from expertvillage share tips on how shoot oneself on a compact camera in a inexpensive fashion – attaching the camera to a stand. Interesting. Hmmm for me now, let me figure out simple sit in front of the camera or computer manner. Truly, I wanna figure out how to do the multi-stream way, like one corner, I am seen talking, another portion is where I can show visual of powerpoint or explanation HMMMM How Exciting! In the meantime, this is still HOW can this be done, and WHAT do I need!

Filming myself on camera, especially my android Galaxy is little issue – just that I still dread the thought of trying to upload video as a year ago, I tried once – IT SEEMED TO TAKE FOREVER (too exaggerating, but still it took very longggggg to upload a video hmmmm)

How to Set Up a Video Blog : Equipment Needed for Video Blogging 

(just a little over 1 min)



The information above is definitely NOT ENOUGH. I haven’t found THE information to guide me straight into vid blogging step by step and what basic equipment I need.

Well, perhaps, a little embarrassing – I have webcam on my laptop but I HAVE NOT figure how to use it or tried to use it, except once – I wonder if I could use the webca to act like a camera to take some shots. Did I succeed? Guess not as I now recall I ended using a simple handphone, with low mega pixel to snap a few shots hmmmm


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