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I found this by chance today and I was not even thinking about art! FLUID PAINTING

(Haha or silly me, this was written on Saturday morning and yet I just realised the article was still a draft status 5 minutes ago hmmm. And hmmmm there were few occasions when I pasted the links, the videos were inserted in the post – wonder how by chance I achieved it. This time, sorry, readers, you just have to click open the link :O . Wonder if anyone can clarify how can foolprof make sure videos are shown on post HMMMM )

I found this by chance today and I was not even thinking about art! FLUID PAINTING !!!

Oh, it looks so fun and I guess surely this proves EVERYONE CAN MAKE ART!!!

Let me find a little more of such Fluid Art, Abstract Art etc visual in a real short time like with over my lunch – so I can proceed to major stuff my life actually required me to do. For now, this is like a fun side track, a fun interesting spark enhancing tidbit ; )

As I search, this is truly FLUID Art as in WATER – the movement of colours in water, flowing down (well, gravity 🙂 )

Wow, with camera added in, the fluidity, the moment of movement of liquid is captured with the artistic skills and that moment of chance – Art

Back to the intial find creating art through the paint fluid flow 😀 😀 😀

Abstract Fluid Rainbow Painting By Mark Chadwick (from )

On March Chadwick;s website, there are a line-up of work. This one above just appeals the most to me 🙂

Oh thanks to all the artists, vid-bloggers who have uploaded the works especially the youtube uploaders – apology did not acknowledge wach and everyone of you. Thanks to the first vid, Pete Pogart2000, that started me in these discovery and now it is way over my lunch hmmm but fun AND need to go for practical life stuff!

Before going, I even came across one fluid expression employing the the Science of Sound with cornstarch and speaker!

Wonder why it is called non-Newtonian? Because the cornstarch got kinda pushed upwards? hmmm


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