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I bought a little cactus and found pot TOO small and was wondering what best soil for it when transplant and found this . . . When I have a big cactus to do stem cutting? Anyway let’s share this interesting article


How to Grow a Cactus Indoors from Cuttings
* Published: Thu March 29th, 2007
* By: Agaric
* Category: Gardeningacti are interesting plants because they can be grown by taking a sample of a mother plant, called a cutting, which if properly grown can produce a genetic replica of the parent (a clone). Cuttings are usually taken from a cactus with branches, so that the parent can continue to grow effectively. Cactus cuttings may be obtained through local nurseries or a number of online vendors, and growing these plants with cuttings is arguably the best way to grow a cactus of your own without actually buying one that’s taken root. This is a basic tutorial of how to grow a cactus with cuttings.
nce you have your fresh cuttings, you can’t put them in soil right off the bat and expect them to grow. In order for cactus cuttings to effectively take root, they needs to seal over the cut portion with tough, outer plant tissue. This is called a callous, and without it, a cutting will be susceptible to transplant shock or disease when placed in soil. It will also not put down roots and roots are the means in which a cactus transports water and nutrients from the soil into the body of the cutting. If you are taking your own cuttings, be sure that they are taken from growing tips of the parent cactus. Then, take your cuttings and put them in a cool, dry place to allow them to callous up.
nce the cuttings have calloused up, you should pick a suitable container for growing. The size of the container will depend on the species of cactus you are hoping to grow from a cutting. For example, a cactus that can potentially reach five feet in height will require a much larger container to set its roots than a cactus that is either very short or grows as buttons. So, it’s a good idea to do some research into your cactus before you select a container for the cutting. Make sure that the container has holes in the bottom of it so that excess water can drain out. If water is allowed to pool in the soil, it can lead to rotting of the cutting’s roots. Without roots, it can’t grow.
here are special commercial soil mixes designed specifically for cacti. A cactus is a hardy plant that is used to growing in arid environments such as deserts where the soil composition is different than in more temperate zones. Once you obtain a suitable soil, fill your container with it and put a VERY SMALL amount of water in it, so that the top layer is slightly moistened. Next, take your cactus cutting and place the calloused end about 1-2 inches deep in the soil, patting the soil tightly around it. If you are interested in making your own blend of soil, this website provides three different mixtures in which a cactus can effectively grow.
ow comes the issue of watering. As I’ve stated before, cacti grow in arid environments where there is very little annual rainfall. Therefore, you would do best to mark on a calendar a watering schedule for your cutting. If you don’t water it enough, it will not grow to its full potential, but if you water it too frequently, then it can kill the cactus or foster the growth of diseases like molds and fungi. It is best to water a cactus once every two to five weeks. So, directly after planting your cutting, do not water it for that amount of time. Stick to the watering schedule, except for during the winter months. Deserts generally only receive rain at certain points in the year, and the cactus will store water to get through periods of little rain. Therefore, during winter it is best not to water the cactus at all. When spring rolls around, you can resume your watering schedule. A final thing to note about watering is to use lukewarm water. Cold water can shock the cactus.
he next important thing to take into account is warmth and sunlight. Cacti are used to very strong sunlight and hot conditions. Therefore, it is best to put your cactus in a warm, dry place with lots of sunshine. A windowsill or nearby is the ideal place for a house cactus to grow. You can put your cactus outside, although it is a good idea to let it grow for a couple of years indoors before subjecting it to the elements. In any case, you probably want to bring your cactus indoors during the winter months to prevent frost from killing the plants.
hat’s about it. By using these basic guidelines, you’ll be well on your way to growing a cactus from cuttings. Good luck!elated Content
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