Live in the present moment wisely and earnestly

I started sleeping alot again – a lot as in I rested since afternoon and I just slept through to the next day – I’m escaping again, I’m feeling purposeless again …


During the long sleep, I thought :

When one knows about the matrix, perhaps, there could be two extreme responses:

1) All the more, make the best of Life, treat it as a Good Game, and make the best without being too serious

2) What’s the point of everything? Let it be, Let it go

The first response has a positive approach still. The second, doesn’t it just simply gives up.

Me – my mind wants the first positive act towards Life, while it tends to be short-lived,  in between I have to fight against the negative giving up actions. The purpose in Life, living on Earth has become vague.

It is so hard to let Mind, Heart, Body functioning together – part of these probably do not want to function. There has always been the desire to work towards the Better, so at the same time, there is still the great part, the greatly instilled part – not giving up!

The more one knows, the harder it feels at not giving up – is this true?


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